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CLEEO Project

CLEEO Project has a commitment to promote Latin@s access and success in higher education in an equitable and culturally supportive environment.  The CLEEO Project focuses on developing an educational pathway for college students with an emphasis on the successful development of life skills and the attainment of Associate and Bachelor degrees and beyond toward a Post-Graduate education. This is a Multicultural Counseling Service guided with a culturally sensitive focus and understanding of Latin@ perspectives and directed toward academic major preparation and success in transferring to universities and preparation for postgraduate school (PhD.) and Professional School (Business, Law, and Medicine). Counseling services are also available for students interested in the OCC Honors program and career specialization in STEM and Future Teacher Preparation.  The CLEEO Project Center is located in room 109 of the Global Engagement Center.  For further information, visit CLEEO Project | Orange Coast College