Academic Catalogs

Accessibility Resource Center (ARC)

The Orange Coast College (OCC) Accessibility Resource Center (ARC) ensures qualified students with disabilities are provided equitable access to education and participation at Orange Coast College. The OCC ARC department serves students with documented and/or observable permanent/chronic and temporary disabilities. Once a student has applied to ARC, and submitted appropriate medical documentation, the next step is to request an appointment to meet with an ARC Counselor. During the Intake Appointment, the student and Counselor engage in an interactive process, which involves a discussion of educational limitations that are linked to the student's individual disability. From there, the ARC counselor will develop an Academic Accommodation Plan (AAP) that includes recommended academic accommodations that are designed to ensure the student's equal access to education. In addition, the student and Counselor will develop an Educational Plan, which is a document that helps map out recommended courses, to achieve set academic goals. Students are responsible for reading and understanding their rights and responsibilities, as related to their accommodations. ARC offers support services such as alternate testing accommodations, note-taking, interpreting, captioning, and alternate media for students with the approved accommodation. Check the OCC Accessibility Resource Center (ARC) website at for more information.

You can reach the DSPS Office at (714) 432-5807 or via email at

High Tech Center (HTC)

The High Tech Center is an assistive computer technology lab where students with disabilities can work independently. The lab features individual and accessible computer workstations in a student-friendly environment. In addition to assistive technology, the High Tech Center also provides access to standard software such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, and internet access. Orange Coast College students who are registered with ARC and have a verified disability are eligible to use the High Tech Center.

ARC Learning Center

The ARC Learning Center provides learning support in reading, writing, spelling, and arithmetic for students with learning and other disabilities. The learning challenges of each student are evaluated and individualized programs are developed that include a number of teaching techniques and materials. A student may earn 3 units of credits by enrolling in LRNG A010 and/or LRNG A020.