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OCC Basic Needs Center

The OCC Basic Needs Center, located behind the College's Bookstore, offers a variety of services to OCC students to help them meet their basic needs, which refers to the most essential resources required to thrive as a student. This includes access to nutritious food (groceries, grab-and-go snacks), clothing resources, referrals and support for housing, transportation, and financial wellness resources. Students may visit to pick up snacks once per day, and groceries twice per week by presenting OCC Student ID Card.  We strive to offer support from a holistic approach to ensure students have what they need to succeed. The  Basic Needs Center is made of three important components: The Pirates' Cove (food pantry), The Closet, and General Basic Needs. 

The OCC Pirates' Cove supports the OCC student community by providing essential groceries and personal hygiene products at no cost. This resource ensures that students facing food insecurity or financial constraints have access to nutritious food and necessary personal care products. By alleviating these concerns, the Pirates' Cove enables students to focus on their education, fostering a more equitable and supportive college environment for all.

The Closet offers donated clothing items to students in need. Functioning as a clothing donation site, it operates as a platform where individuals contribute gently used clothes. These items are then made available to students, providing them with access to professional attire, everyday wear, and seasonal clothing without financial burden. 

The Basic Needs Center provides housing services and resources to help alleviate housing insecurity in the OCC student community. Our service model includes prevention services to support students from losing their housing and emergency services to support students who are unhoused or at imminent risk of losing their housing.