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Admissions and Registration

Our goal is to make enrolling at Orange Coast College as convenient and easy as possible. It begins when the student completes and files an application form online at

Students who are new to Orange Coast College will need to complete an online orientation, available through the MyCoast Portal.

All students have access and may register for the first transfer-level courses in English and mathematics.  However, new students will complete the assessment process in order to receive appropriate placement into English and Mathematics courses. This process may include submission of a transcript (to determine Math and English course placement), self-reporting of high school GPA (if no transcripts are available) or placement through a guided self-placement. For more information, please visit the OCC website at

In addition, new students should schedule an appointment to meet with a counselor to create a Student Education Plan (SEP) and verify their program of study (major). These activities are followed by the actual registration process: signing up for classes and paying fees online using MyCoast. If a choice of a major is any one of the many allied health career programs, students must participate in a special admission process, in addition to the activities described above. Additional information may be found in this section.