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Priority Registration Policy

Enrollment priority is the process used to determine the order in which students will have the opportunity to register for classes. Recognizing that each college serves a unique student population that may have differing needs, the development of specific registration priorities for some student groups will be done at the college level in accordance with District procedures.

The Coast Community College District is committed to the philosophy that all students should have fair and equitable access to courses and programs within the resources of each college and in accordance with State Education Code, Title 5 provisions, and guidelines adopted by the Board of Governors. Further, the District believes that students should be able to progress toward their stated educational objective in a timely manner.

The primary mission of the District colleges is to provide degree, certificate, and transfer programs. Therefore, priority is extended to students who have completed the requirements of SB1456 as defined by the Student Success Program. These include:

  1. Completed an orientation program
  2. Received placement into English and Mathematics courses via the assessment process
  3. Selected a college program of study (major)
  4. Established a Student Education Plan (SEP) with an appropriate counselor and
  5. Demonstrated satisfactory academic progress toward their declared educational objectives (major).

Registration priority will be according to the framework established on Administrative Procedure (AP 5055).   Additional details about Priority Registration can be found on the Enrollment Center website.   Students may view their Priority Registration status in MyCoast.

Board Policies and Administrative Procedures are available on the Board Policy section of the Coast Community College District (CCCD) website at

Loss of Priority Registration

Students are assigned registration appointments in accordance with the Coast Community College District (CCCD) Board Policy 5055 and Administrative Procedure 5055. Students will lose priority registration due to unit cap limitations and/or not meeting academic progress standards (completion of more than 50% of courses attempted and maintaining a cumulative 2.0 GPA). Students will also lose eligibility for the California College Promise Grant (formerly known as the BOGFW) due to not meeting academic standards. Students may submit an appeal form for consideration of reinstatement of priority registration and/or California College Promise Grant eligibility.