Academic Catalogs

Course Prerequisite, Co-requisite, and Advisory on Recommended Preparation

A “prerequisite” is a course a student is required to complete with a “C” or better, or a skill a student is required to have before enrolling in another course.

A “co-requisite” is a course a student is required to take while enrolled in another course. All prerequisites and co-requisites are designed to ensure students have the skills or information they need to succeed in a course. These requirements are established because it has been determined that without meeting them, a student is not likely to receive a passing grade in the course. A prerequisite or co-requisite also may be necessary to protect a student’s health and safety, or the health and safety of others. Additionally, courses taken without prior completion of the prerequisite may be denied credit upon transfer to a CSU or UC per articulation agreements, either at time of admission or upon petition for graduation.

An “Advisory on recommended preparation” (listed as “Advisory”) is a course or skill a student should have before enrolling in another course. Such recommendations are offered by the faculty who teach these courses, and it should be followed for student success. However, unlike a prerequisite or co-requisite, an “Advisory” is not required.