Academic Catalogs

Graduation Requirements

Award Types

Continuous Enrollment and Catalog Rights

Catalog Rights: A student may elect to meet the graduation requirements in effect at the time of entrance, during subsequent years of attendance or at the time of graduation provided that the student maintains continuous enrollment.

Catalog rights are not in effect when a program requires that a student complete specific courses within an established time frame or when career and technical education requirements change due to industry standards. Catalog rights do not apply to the certification of general education (GE) for transfer; courses used for GE certification must be on an approved GE Plan at the time they are taken.

Continuous Enrollment: Continuous enrollment is defined as being enrolled in at least one course during a calendar year and receiving an A, B, C, D, F, P, NP, I, IP or W at Orange Coast College. If there is a break in enrollment, the student will be held to the new requirements listed in the catalog at the time of re-enrollment. Absence from a summer session is not considered a break in enrollment. In extenuating circumstances, a student may submit a request for an exception to the Director of Enrollment Services for consideration to retain previous catalog rights.

If transferring to a California State University (CSU) or University of California (UC), continuous enrollment rules will be defined by the receiving institution.

The Academic Petition Council may authorize or require substitutions for discontinued courses.

Minimum Grade Requirement

In order to be awarded a degree or certificate, students are required to obtain a grade of “C” or better in all program-required courses.

Grades of “CR” or “P” will be accepted whereas “CR” or “P” meet the equivalency of a “C” or better.

Requirements for Additional Associate Degrees

  1. Students are not permitted to acquire duplicate associate degrees in the same major from another college within the Coast Community College District.
  2. General Education requirements earned for one associate degree may be applied toward an additional associate degree.
  3. A student who holds a degree from any regionally accredited institution may earn an additional associate degree in a specific major.
  4. A candidate for an additional associate degree must complete the requirements for a separate major at Orange Coast College, including an additional 12 or more major-related units of credit at Orange Coast College beyond the requirements for the prior or additional degree.
  5. A student must complete all the required courses listed in the current catalog and general education.
  6. A student may obtain an associate degree for transfer (AA-T/AS-T) and an associate degree (AA/AS) in a different major without an additional 12 units of coursework.
  7. A student may obtain an associate degree for transfer (AA-T/AS-T) and an associate degree (AA/AS) in the same major without an additional 12 units of coursework.

Waiver of Associate Degree and/or Certificate Requirements

Students wishing to substitute or waive courses that satisfy the Associate Degree or Certificate of Achievement requirements must see a counselor and petition the Academic Petition Council. Counselors are located on the third floor of Watson Hall.

Petition for Graduation

Degrees and certificates are not automatically awarded. A petition must be filed at the Enrollment Center on the first floor of Watson Hall at the beginning of the semester in which the student completes the final requirements. Forms are also available online at

Petitioning periods are as follows:

  • Summer — July 1 through August 1
  • Fall — September 1 through October 15 (ADT - CSU Admission), November 15 (AA, AS, and/or Certificates)
  • Spring — December 1 through February 15 (ADT - CSU Admission), March 15 (AA, AS, and/or Certificates)

Note: If a break in enrollment occurs (resulting in the loss of Catalog Rights) students must comply with the competency, general education, and major course requirements in effect at the time the student resumes attendance in order to meet Graduation requirements.