Academic Catalogs

Petition for Graduation

Degrees and certificates are not automatically awarded. A petition must be filed online or at the Enrollment Center on the first floor of Watson Hall at the beginning of the semester in which the student completes the final requirements. 

Petitioning periods are as follows:

  • Summer — July 1 through August 1
  • Fall — September 1 through October 15 (ADT - CSU Admission), November 15 (AA, AS, and/or Certificates)
  • Spring — December 1 through February 15 (ADT - CSU Admission), March 15 (AA, AS, and/or Certificates)

Note: If a break in enrollment occurs (resulting in the loss of Catalog Rights) students must comply with the competency, general education, and major course requirements in effect at the time the student resumes attendance in order to meet Graduation requirements.