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College Success (COLL)

COLL G0903 Units (54 lecture hours)  
Study Skills for College  
Advisory: ESL G051.

Grading Mode: Standard Letter, Pass/No Pass

This course introduces students to basic college success skills: goal setting and time management, memory and concentration, lecture note-taking, learning styles, reading effectiveness, test taking strategies, and stress management. Students will learn how to integrate these skills into college course work. Graded or Pass/No Pass option. NOT DEGREE APPLICABLE.

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    COLL G1003 Units (54 lecture hours)  
    Becoming A Successful Student  
    Advisory: ENGL G090 or ENGL G099.

    Grading Mode: Standard Letter, Pass/No Pass

    Transfer Credit: CSU; UC.

    This is a course designed to teach techniques and skills that can be used to succeed in college. Students will learn specific skills to enhance academic success and will develop their own action plans through self-evaluation. Additionally, students will learn and apply college level techniques for the use of resources. Topics that will be covered include attitude and personal commitment, goal setting, problem solving, decision making, time-management, learning styles, student support services, academic support services, study methods, library research. Graded or Pass/No Pass option. UC credit limitations: COLL G100, COUN G104, COUN G115, COUN G150, COUN G151, COUN G152, COUN G153, COUN G154, COUN G155 and COUN G205 combined – maximum credit, 3 units.

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      COLL G1511 Unit (18 lecture hours)  
      How to Succeed as an Online Learner  

      Grading Mode: Pass/No Pass

      Transfer Credit: CSU.

      This course provides an orientation to the characteristics and processes of distance learning. Students will explore the differences between traditional classroom and distance learning courses. They will learn how to anticipate, avoid, and/or solve typical problems encountered in distance learning environments. Students will learn practical strategies and skills to help them succeed in online and hybrid classes. Pass/No Pass.

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