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Astronomy (ASTR)

ASTR G1003 Units (54 lecture hours)  
Introduction to Astronomy  

Grading Mode: Standard Letter

Transfer Credit: CSU; UC.

This course provides an introduction to the models and nomenclature of modern astronomy, which includes the solar system, the Milky Way, and the universe. The historical development of the science of astronomy is emphasized. A survey of the methods of astronomical observation is also presented. Graded.

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    ASTR G100L1 Unit (54 lab hours)  
    Introduction to Astronomy Lab  
    Prerequisite(s): ASTR G100 or concurrent enrollment.
    Advisory: MATH G030 or MATH G040.

    Grading Mode: Standard Letter, Pass/No Pass

    Transfer Credit: CSU; UC.

    Formerly: Elementary Astronomy Laboratory. This course provides an introduction to the concepts and models used by astronomers to elucidate the natures of planets, stars, and galaxies. The practical application of methods involving the analysis of electromagnetic radiation will be emphasized. Successful completion of this course and Introduction to Astronomy (ASTR G100) satisfies the general education natural science requirement. Graded or Pass/No Pass option.

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