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Education (EDUC)

EDUC G1021 Unit (18 lecture hours)  
Teaching Diverse Contemporary Classrooms  

Grading Mode: Standard Letter, Pass/No Pass

Transfer Credit: CSU; UC.

This course introduces students to teaching and learning skills for potential teachers. Topics include: The qualities of an effective teacher, components and purposes of an effective professional portfolio, and critical issues in diverse contemporary classrooms. Course includes 10 hours of arranged fieldwork. Graded or Pass/No Pass option.

EDUC G1032 Units (18 lecture hours; 54 lab hours)  
Technology Proficiencies For Teachers I  

Grading Mode: Standard Letter, Pass/No Pass

Transfer Credit: CSU.

The class focuses on the proficiencies credential candidates are required to master before they can be issued a preliminary Multiple or Single Subject Credential. Students successfully completing a portfolio in technology proficiencies related to K-12 curriculum will receive a Proficiency Training Certificate from the Orange County Department of Education. Most, but not all, technology application skills are transferable between the Macintosh and Windows environment. Graded or Pass/No Pass option.

EDUC G2003 Units (36 lecture hours; 45 lab hours)  
The Teaching Profession  
Advisory: ENGL G100.

Grading Mode: Standard Letter

Transfer Credit: CSU; UC.

Examination of opportunities, requirements, responsibilities and rewards in teaching. Skills needed and problems encountered in the classroom. Course includes 45 hours of assigned fieldwork. Graded. C-ID: EDUC 200.