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University Core, Certificate of Achievement

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Not Financial Aid Eligible

The pattern is an option for students who are seeking to enroll at a non-California institution and/or the receiving institution does not accept the IGETC pattern in lieu of the campus general breadth requirements. This coursework may also fulfill in part, or in whole, general education requirements for private and out of state institutions and would allow for a student to be well prepared for general admission requirements at non-California institutions. Please check with a Counselor to determine if this pattern is appropriate for your transfer and career goals.

Program Level Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the program, students will be able to:

  1. Read critically to annotate, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate college-level materials.
  2. Apply mathematical concepts through numerical, symbolic, graphical, and verbal methods to interpret quantitative information, solve problems, and communicate results.
  3. Identify connections between the arts and cultural and social awareness.
  4. Exhibit an understanding of methods of inquiry used by the social and behavioral sciences.
  5. Communicate scientific ideas and theories effectively.

Review Graduation Requirements.

Course Title Units
Required Courses
1. Written Communication and Critical Thinking
Complete 4 semester units in Written Composition
ENGL G100Freshman Composition4-6
or ENGL G100S Freshman Composition with Support
Minimum of 3 semester units in Critical and Analytical Thinking
ENGL G110Critical Thinking, Reading And Writing Through Literature4
PHIL G125Critical Reasoning and Writing3
PSYC G130Critical Thinking in Psychology3
2. Mathematics
Complete a minimum of 3 semester units
MATH G100Liberal Arts Mathematics3
MATH G115College Algebra4
MATH G140Business Calculus4
MATH G160Introduction To Statistics4
MATH G170Precalculus4
MATH G180Calculus 14
MATH G185Calculus 24
3. Complete 4 courses (12 semester units) from categories below, with at least one course in each area
Arts and Humanities
ART G100Introduction to Art3
ART G103Survey of Asian Art3
ART G104Survey of Modern and Contemporary Art3
ART G105Survey of Art from Prehistory through the Middle Ages3
ART G106Survey of Art from Renaissance to Contemporary3
ART G129History of Photography3
DANC G101Viewing Dance3
ENGL G112Appreciation Of Literature3
ENGL G114Great Myths And Legends3
ENGL G150American Literature through the Civil War (1865)3
ENGL G155American Literature 1865 To The Present3
ENGL G160Masterpieces of World Literature I (From Antiquity to the Mid-17th Century)3
ENGL G161Masterpieces of World Literature II (From the Mid-17th Century to the Present)3
ENGL G270British Literature to 18003
ENGL G275British Literature Since 18003
MUS G101History & Appreciation Of Music3
MUS G103World Music3
MUS G108History & Appreciation Of The Musical Theater3
MUS G139History Of Rock Music3
MUS G143History of Jazz3
PHIL G100Introduction to Philosophy3
PHIL G102History of Ancient Philosophy3
PHIL G110Philosophy Of The East3
PHIL G111Philosophy of Religion - Western3
PHIL G120Ethics3
PSCI G150Political Philosophy3
THEA G100Introduction to the Theater3
THEA G102History And Appreciation Of The Cinema3
THEA G108History and Appreciation of the Musical Theater3
THEA G111Theater History and Literature - Classical to 18003
THEA G112Theater History and Literature - 1800 to Modern3
Social and Behavioral Sciences
ANTH G100Introduction to Cultural Anthropology3
ANTH G130Introduction to Archaeology3
ANTH G140Magic, Witchcraft, and Religion3
ANTH G150Native Peoples of North America3
ANTH G200Gender, Culture, and Society3
CMST G255Intercultural Communication3
CMST G265Gender Communication3
CJ G123Juvenile Law3
CJ G140Introduction to Criminal Justice3
ECON G110Economic Issues and Policy3
ECON G170Principles of Microeconomics3
ECON G175Principles of Macroeconomics3
GEOG G100World Regional Geography3
GEOG G185Human Geography3
HIST G110Economic History Of The United States3
HIST G121History of American Women3
HIST G140California History3
HIST G150History of Latin America3
HIST G161World History 13
HIST G162World History 23
HIST G170History Of The United States To 18763
HIST G175History of the United States Since 18763
HIST G180Western Civilization 13
HIST G185Western Civilization 23
GLST G100Global Citizenship3
GLST G101Introduction to Global Studies3
GLST G102Global Issues3
GLST G110Conflict Resolution3
GLST G130Social Movements3
GLST G230Global Leadership: Concepts and Skills3
PHIL G150Political Philosophy3
PSCI G100Introduction To Political Science3
PSCI G101Survey Of Current Issues3
PSCI G110International Relations3
PSCI G150Political Philosophy3
PSCI G180American Government3
PSCI G185Comparative Politics3
PSYC G100Introduction To Psychology3
PSYC G116Child Growth and Development3
PSYC G118Life Span Developmental Psychology3
PSYC G165Principles of Human Sexuality 13
PSYC G255Abnormal Psychology3
PSYC G260Social Psychology3
SOC G100Introduction To Sociology3
SOC G110Introduction To Marriage And The Family3
SOC G133Introduction to Race and Ethnicity3
SOC G134Introduction to Chicana/o Studies3
SOC G160Sociology of Criminology3
SOC G185Analysis of Social Problems3
Physical and Biological Sciences
Physical Anthropology
and Physical Anthropology Lab
Introduction to Astronomy
and Introduction to Astronomy Lab
BIOL G100Introduction to Biology4
Marine Life
and Marine Life Laboratory
BIOL G110Ecology and Field Biology3
BIOL G120Health and Disease3
BIOL G180Cell and Molecular Biology5
BIOL G182Zoology4
BIOL G183Botany4
BIOL G186Diversity of Organisms5
BIOL G210General Microbiology5
BIOL G220Human Anatomy4
BIOL G221Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology4
BIOL G225Human Physiology4
CHEM G110Introduction To Chemistry5
CHEM G130Preparation for General Chemistry4
CHEM G180General Chemistry A5
CHEM G185General Chemistry B5
CHEM G220Organic Chemistry A5
CHEM G225Organic Chemistry B5
Physical Geography
and Physical Geography Laboratory
GEOL G106Earth Science For Teachers4
GEOL G110Physical Geology4
PHSC G100Introductory Physical Science4
Conceptual Physics
and Conceptual Physics Lab
PHYS G120Algebra Based Physics: Mechanics4
PHYS G125Algebra Based Physics: Electricity/Magnetism4
PHYS G185Calculus Based Physics: Mechanics4
PHYS G280Calculus Based Physics: Electricity/Magnetism4
PHYS G285Calculus Based Physics: Modern4
Total Units 22-30