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Flight Attendant and Airline and Travel Careers, Certificate of Achievement

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Financial Aid Eligible

This program prepares men and women of all ages for the highly competitive flight attendant, or a customer service career in the airline and travel industry. Courses include airline, airport, and travel terminology codes, hiring qualifications, communication skills, appearance and image standards, written employment skills and oral interviewing techniques and strategies to set yourself apart. Students work on campus, and with community and charity events to enhance their public contact experience considered valuable for flight attendants and careers in the travel industry.

Program Outcome

The outcome for the Certificate of Achievement is to prepare students for employment as a flight attendant or ground customer service agent with the airline industry.

Review Graduation Requirements.

Course Title Units
Required Courses
ARLN A137Operations, Terminology, & Safety3
ARLN A139Flight Attendant Qualifications and Opportunities3
HTT A105Passport to Success3
HTT A125Destination the Americas3
HTT A127Destination Eastern Europe3
HTT A128Destination Africa/Pacific3
HTT A130Cultural Tourism3
HTT A131Computer Reservation Systems - SABRE3
HTT A135Homeland Security3
HTT A150Travel and Tourism Career Development3
HTT A180Enhancing Guest Service3
HTT A185Interviewing and Professional Development3
HTT A226Airline Internship4
HTT A284Leadership and Strategic Management3
Total Units43

Flight Attendant and Airline Travel Careers Suggested Electives

ARLN A117 Aviation Management
CMST A100 Interpersonal Communication
HTT A138 Sharing the Travel Experience
HTT A199 Current Issues in Hospitality, Travel and Tourism
HTT A299 Certified Travel Associate
SPAN A180 Elementary Spanish 1

Program Sequence

These sequences at Orange Coast College are curriculum maps for students to finish all requirements for the certificate. There may be advisories, prerequisites, or time requirements that students need to consider before following these maps. Students are advised to meet with an Orange Coast College Counselor for alternate sequencing.

Some courses in this program may be offered once per academic year.

Plan of Study Grid
Year 1
Semester 1Units
ARLN A137 Operations, Terminology, & Safety 3
HTT A130 Cultural Tourism 3
HTT A131 Computer Reservation Systems - SABRE 3
HTT A150 Travel and Tourism Career Development 3
Semester 2
ARLN A139 Flight Attendant Qualifications and Opportunities 3
HTT A125 Destination the Americas 3
HTT A128 Destination Africa/Pacific 3
HTT A135 Homeland Security 3
Year 2
Semester 1
HTT A105 Passport to Success 3
HTT A127 Destination Eastern Europe 3
HTT A180 Enhancing Guest Service 3
HTT A284 Leadership and Strategic Management 3
Semester 2
HTT A185 Interviewing and Professional Development 3
HTT A226 Airline Internship 4
 Total Units43