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Social Justice Studies (SJS)

SJS A1013 Units (54 lecture hours)  
Introduction to Race and Ethnicity  

Grading Mode: Standard Letter, Pass/No Pass

Transfer Credit: CSU; UC.

Sociological analysis of race, ethnicity, and racism. Examines the cultural, political, and economic practices and institutions that support or challenge racism, racial and ethnic inequalities, as well as patterns of interaction between various racial and ethnic groups. Graded or Pass/No Pass option.

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SJS A1023 Units (54 lecture hours)  
Social Justice and Activism  

Grading Mode: Standard Letter

Transfer Credit: CSU; UC.

Social Justice and Activism is an Social Justice Studies course, which draws on sociology, ethnic studies, gender studies, race and ethnicity, inequality, and social movements research. This class combines a body of research and material for students to explore their intersections and the origins of injustice, development of activism, social justice movements, the dynamics of social discourse and debates about injustices, and creating social change. The course introduces students to theories, research methods, competing ideologies, and current issues in the field of Social Justice Studies. The material will cover local, state, national, and global issues as well as social, cultural, economic, political, and moral issues. May be taken for grades or on a pass/no-pass basis.

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