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Associate Degree General Education 2022-2023: Option 3 (IGETC)

Completion of the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) will satisfy the lower-division general education requirements of either the California State University or the University of California system. The IGETC should be completed in its entirety before transferring or the student may be subject to the general education requirements of the campus to which they have been admitted.

Students seeking GE transfer certification are eligible for a Certificate of Achievement award.

All courses must be completed with grades of “C” or better. Grades of “credit” can be used if “credit” is equal to a “C” or better. There are limits to the number of units that can be taken P/NP.

Courses used to meet IGETC requirements must be at least three semester units or four quarter units.

Important Note: Courses on this list are approved for a specific academic term. Students wishing to use a course to meet an IGETC requirement must be sure that the course is approved for the academic term in which it is taken. This list is valid only for courses taken Fall 2022 through Summer 2023. For courses taken prior to Fall 2022, students should check the master list which shows the dates that courses were added or deleted since the original list was published in 1991. This list is available in the Counseling Center or Transfer Center in Watson Hall.

Course Title Units
Area 1: English Communication
CSU: Three courses (one from each group). Nine semester units (or 12-15 quarter units). UC: Two courses (one from Group A and one from Group B). Six semester units (or eight to 10 quarter units).
Group 1A: English Composition
ENGL A100Freshman Composition3
ESL A100ESL College Composition3
Group 1B: Critical Thinking-English Composition
ENGL A101Critical Reasoning: Fiction4
or ENGL A101H Critical Reasoning: Fiction Honors
ENGL A102Critical Reasoning: Nonfiction3
or ENGL A102H Critical Reasoning: Nonfiction Honors
ENGL A109Critical Reasoning and Writing for Science and Technology3
PHIL A150Critical Reasoning & Writing3
Group 1C: Oral Communication (CSU only)
CMST A100Interpersonal Communication3
CMST A110Public Speaking3
Area 2: Mathematical Concepts and Quantitative Reasoning
One course. At least three semester units (or four to five quarter units).
MATH A100Liberal Arts Mathematics3
MATH A115College Algebra4
MATH A140Business Calculus4
MATH A155Finite Mathematics with Applications4
MATH A160Introduction to Statistics4
MATH A170Precalculus4
MATH A180Calculus 14
or MATH A180H Calculus 1 Honors
MATH A182HCalculus 1 and 2 Honors5
MATH A185Calculus 24
or MATH A185H Calculus 2 Honors
MATH A230Introduction to Discrete Mathematics5
MATH A235Applied Linear Algebra3
MATH A280Calculus 34
or MATH A280H Calculus 3 Honors
MATH A285Introduction to Linear Algebra and Differential Equations4
or MATH A285H Introduction to Linear Algebra and Differential Equations Honors
MATH A290HIntroduction to Tensors and Calculus on Manifolds Honors5
PSYC A160Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences4
Area 3: Arts and Humanities
Three courses, with at least one course from Group A and one from Group B. Nine semester units (or 12-15 quarter units).
Group 3A: Arts
ARCH A290History of Architecture 13
or ARCH A290H History of Architecture 1 Honors
ARCH A296History of Architecture 23
or ARCH A296H History of Architecture 2 Honors
ART A100Survey of Western Art from Prehistory Through Gothic3
or ART A100H Honors Survey of Western Art from Prehistory Through Gothic
ART A101Survey of Western Art from Renaissance to Modern3
or ART A101H Honors Survey of Western Art from Renaissance to Modern
ART A102Survey of Modern and Contemporary Art History3
ART A103Survey of Asian Art3
ART A107Introduction To Art3
ART A108Women in Art3
ART A109Ancient Greek Art and Architecture3
ART A114Art of the Ancient Americas3
ART A115Art of Africa, Oceania, and Indigenous North America3
DANC A200Appreciation Of Dance3
DANC A230World Dance and Culture3
FILM A100History and Appreciation of the Cinema3
FILM A100HHistory and Appreciation of the Cinema Honors3
MUS A100History and Appreciation of Western Classical Music3
MUS A105Music from Bach Up to Rock3
MUS A115Fundamentals of Music3
MUS A139History of Rock Music3
MUS A143History of Jazz3
MUS A180Theory 13
PHOT A110Photography with a Smartphone: Theory and Practice3
PHOT A123Introduction to Digital Photography3
PHOT A130History and Aesthetics of Still Photography3
THEA A100Introduction to Theatre3
THEA A101Introduction to History and Literature of the Theatre3
THEA A105Drama and Acting3
Group 3B: Humanities
CMST A155Intercultural Communications3
CMST A180Introduction to Mass Communications3
CHIN A185Elementary Chinese 25
ENGL A141The Bible As Literature3
or ENGL A141H The Bible As Literature Honors
ENGL A143Children's Literature3
or ENGL A143H Children's Literature Honors
ENGL A147Introduction to Science Fiction3
or ENGL A147H Introduction to Science Fiction Honors
ENGL A148Film As Literature3
or ENGL A148H Film As Literature Honors
ENGL A150American Literature Before the 20th Century3
or ENGL A150H American Literature Before the 20th Century Honors
ENGL A151American Literature in the 20th Century3
or ENGL A151H American Literature in the 20th Century Honors
ENGL A152Race, Culture, and Identity in Literature3
or ENGL A152H Race, Culture, and Identify in Literature Honors
ENGL A156California Literature3
or ENGL A156H California Literature Honors
ENGL A160World Literature Through Renaissance3
or ENGL A160H World Literature Through Renaissance Honors
ENGL A161World Literature Since Renaissance3
or ENGL A161H World Literature Since Renaissance Honors
ENGL A168Popular Fiction3
ENGL A170Contemporary Literature3
or ENGL A170H Contemporary Literature Honors
ENGL A173Women Writers3
or ENGL A173H Women Writers Honors
ENGL A176World Mythology3
or ENGL A176H World Mythology Honors
ENGL A179Gender and Sexuality in Literature and Film3
ENGL A181Shakespeare3
or ENGL A181H Shakespeare Honors
ENGL A187Introduction to Literary Theory3
or ENGL A187H Introduction to Literary Theory Honors
ENGL A270Survey of British Literature Before 18003
or ENGL A270H Survey of British Literature Before 1800 Honors
ENGL A275Survey of British Literature After 18003
or ENGL A275H Survey of British Literature After 1800 Honors
ETHS A150Ethnic Groups in the U.S.: Their Histories3
FREN A185Elementary French 25
or FREN A185H Elementary French 2 Honors
FREN A280Intermediate French 14
FREN A285Intermediate French 24
GNDR A187Women in History3
GRMN A185Elementary German 25
GRMN A280Intermediate German 14
GRMN A285Intermediate German 24
HIST A101Afro-American History3
HIST A150Ethnic Groups of the United States: Their Histories3
HIST A151History of the Middle East to 15003
HIST A152History of the Middle East Since 15003
HIST A161World History 13
or HIST A161H World History 1 Honors
HIST A162World History 23
or HIST A162H World History 2 Honors
HIST A170History of the United States to 18763
or HIST A170H History of the United States to 1876 Honors
HIST A175History of the United States Since 18763
or HIST A175H History of the United States Since 1876 Honors
HIST A180Western Civilization 13
or HIST A180H Western Civilization 1 Honors
HIST A185Western Civilization 23
or HIST A185H Western Civilization 2 Honors
HIST A187Women in History3
HIST A195History of England and Greater Britain3
HUM A100Introduction to the Humanities3
HUM A101HThemes in Humanities Honors3
ITAL A185Elementary Italian 25
ITAL A280Intermediate Italian 15
ITAL A285Intermediate Italian 25
JAPN A185Elementary Japanese 25
or JAPN A185H Elementary Japanese 2 Honors
JAPN A280Intermediate Japanese 15
JAPN A285Intermediate Japanese 25
PHIL A100Introduction to Philosophy3
PHIL A115Philosophy of Religion3
PHIL A118Aesthetics/Philosophy of Art3
PHIL A120Ethics3
PHIL A125History of Ancient Philosophy3
PHIL A165The Theory of Knowledge3
PHIL A185Contemporary Philosophy3
PHOT A101Photography and Society3
PORT A185Elementary Portuguese 25
RLST A100Introduction to Religious Studies3
RLST A110World Religion3
RLST A115Philosophy of Religion3
RLST A135Religion, Spirituality and Society3
RLST A150Eastern Thought3
RLST A151Early and Western Religions3
SPAN A185Elementary Spanish 25
or SPAN A185H Elementary Spanish 2 Honors
SPAN A280Intermediate Spanish 15
or SPAN A280H Intermediate Spanish 1 Honors
SPAN A285Intermediate Spanish 25
VIET A185Elementary Vietnamese 25
Area 4: Social and Behavioral Sciences
Three courses from at least two disciplines. 9 semester units (or 12-15 quarter units).
ANTH A100Cultural Anthropology3
or ANTH A100H Cultural Anthropology Honors
ANTH A102Native American3
ANTH A187Introduction to Primate Studies3
ANTH A190Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology3
ANTH A220Magic, Witchcraft, and Religion3
ANTH A280Introduction to Archaeology3
CDE A180Child, Growth and Development3
CMST A155Intercultural Communications3
ECON A100Economics: General Concepts3
ECON A170Microeconomics3
or ECON A170H Microeconomics Honors
ECON A175Macroeconomics3
or ECON A175H Macroeconomics Honors
ETHS A100Contemporary Ethnic America3
ETHS A190The Ethnic Family3
GNDR A100Introduction to Gender Studies3
GNDR A130Women, Politics, and Inequality3
GNDR A187Women in History3
GEOG A100World Regional Geography3
or GEOG A100H World Regional Geography Honors
GEOG A150California Geography3
GEOG A185Cultural Geography3
GLST A101Introduction to Global Studies3
GLST A102Global Issues3
HIST A101Afro-American History3
HIST A151History of the Middle East to 15003
HIST A152History of the Middle East Since 15003
HIST A170History of the United States to 18763
or HIST A170H History of the United States to 1876 Honors
HIST A175History of the United States Since 18763
or HIST A175H History of the United States Since 1876 Honors
HIST A180Western Civilization 13
or HIST A180H Western Civilization 1 Honors
HIST A185Western Civilization 23
or HIST A185H Western Civilization 2 Honors
HIST A187Women in History3
PSCI A101Survey of Current Issues3
PSCI A110International Relations3
PSCI A180American Government3
or PSCI A180H American Government Honors
PSCI A185Comparative Politics3
PSYC A100Introduction to Psychology3
or PSYC A100H Introduction to Psychology Honors
PSYC A165Principles of Human Sexuality 13
PSYC A185Principles of Psychology3
PSYC A190Cross-Cultural Psychology3
or PSYC A190H Cross-Cultural Psychology Honors
PSYC A220Psychology of Personality3
PSYC A255Abnormal Psychology3
PSYC A260Social Psychology3
PSYC A270Psychology of Learning3
PSYC A280Introduction to Experimental Methods4
SOC A100Introduction to Sociology3
or SOC A100H Introduction to Sociology Honors
SOC A110Introduction to Dating, Relationships, and Marriage3
SOC A150Introduction to Race and Ethnicity3
SOC A185Analysis of Social Problems3
or SOC A185H Analysis of Social Problems Honors
Area 5: Physical and Biological Sciences
Two courses, with one from Group A and one from Group B. One of the courses must include a lab. Seven to nine semester units (or nine to 12 quarter units).
Group 5A: Physical Science
ASTR A100Introduction to Astronomy3
or ASTR A100H Introduction to Astronomy Honors
Introduction to Astronomy
and Introduction to Astronomy Laboratory 1
or ASTR A100M Introduction to Astronomy Laboratory Honors
Introduction to Astronomy Honors
and Introduction to Astronomy Laboratory Honors 1
or ASTR A100L Introduction to Astronomy Laboratory
ASTR A101Planetary Astronomy3
ASTR A102Stellar Astronomy3
ASTR A103Cosmology3
ASTR A104Galactic Astronomy3
ASTR A200Introduction to Astrophysics4
ASTR A200HIntroduction to Astrophysics Honors4
CHEM A100Principles of Chemistry3
CHEM A110Introduction to Chemistry 15
CHEM A130Preparation for General Chemistry 14
CHEM A180General Chemistry A 15
CHEM A185General Chemistry B 15
CHEM A220Organic Chemistry A3
CHEM A220LOrganic Chemistry A Lab 12
CHEM A225Organic Chemistry B3
CHEM A225LOrganic Chemistry B Laboratory 12
GEOG A180Physical Geography3
or GEOG A180H Physical Geography Honors
Physical Geography
and Physical Geography Lab 1
or GEOG A180H
Physical Geography Honors
and Physical Geography Lab
GEOL A105General Geology3
or GEOL A105H General Geology Honors
General Geology
and General Geology Laboratory 1
or GEOL A105M General Geology Laboratory Honors
General Geology Honors
and General Geology Laboratory Honors 1
or GEOL A105L General Geology Laboratory
GEOL A110Physical Geology 14
GEOL A160Environmental Geology 14
GEOL A185Evolution of the Earth3
Evolution of the Earth
and Evolution of the Earth Lab 1
MRSC A185Coastal Oceanography3
Coastal Oceanography
and Coastal Oceanography Lab 1
PHYS A110Conceptual Physics3
Conceptual Physics
and Introductory Physics Laboratory 1
PHYS A120Algebra Based Physics: Mechanics 14
PHYS A130University Physics 1 (non-majors) 14
PHYS A185Calculus Based Physics: Mechanics 14
PHYS A185HCalculus-Based Physics: Mechanics Honors 14
PHYS A280Calculus Based Physics: Electricty/Magnetism 14
PHYS A285Calculus Based Physics: Modern 14
Group 5B: Biological Science
ANTH A185Physical Anthropology3
or ANTH A185H Physical Anthropology Honors
Physical Anthropology
and Phys Anthropology Lab 1
Physical Anthropology Honors
and Phys Anthropology Lab 1
BIOL A100Principles of Biology 14
or BIOL A100H Principles of Biology Honors
BIOL A101The Biology of Cooking4
BIOL A125Human Biology3
BIOL A180Introduction to Biology for Majors 1: Cell and Molecular Biology 14
BIOL A182Zoology3
BIOL A182HZoology Honors3
BIOL A183Botany3
and Zoology Lab 1
Zoology Honors
and Zoology Lab 1
and Botany Lab 1
BIOL A185Introduction to Biology for Majors 2: Ecology, Evolution, Diversity, and Physiology 15
BIOL A210General Microbiology 15
BIOL A220Human Anatomy 15
BIOL A221Anatomy-Physiology 14
BIOL A225Human Physiology 15
BIOL A283Genetics4
ESEC A100Introduction to Environmental Science3
ESEC A100HIntroduction to Environmental Science Honors3
MRSC A100Oceanography3
or MRSC A100H Oceanography Honors
and Oceanography Laboratory 1
or MRSC A100M Oceanography Laboratory Honors
Oceanography Honors
and Oceanography Laboratory Honors 1
or MRSC A100L Oceanography Laboratory
MRSC A180Marine Biology3
Marine Biology
and Marine Biology Lab 1
PSYC A250Psychobiology3
Group 5C: Laboratory Activity
One of the courses taken in Group A or B must include a lab.

Language Other than English (UC only)

  1. Complete two years of a single high school foreign language with grades of “C” or better (high school transcripts must be on file at OCC), or
  2. Complete Chinese, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Vietnamese A180 or Spanish A160 and A180. Advanced courses will validate this requirement, or
  3. Earn a satisfactory score on one of the following (results must be on file at OCC):
    1. SAT Subject Test in a language other than English (Before 5/95 - score: 500. After 5/95 - Chinese: 520, French: 540, German: 510, Hebrew: 470, Italian: 520, Japanese: 510, Korean: 500, Latin: 530, Spanish: 520).
    2. College Board Advanced Placement Examination in a language other than English (score: 3 or better)International Baccalaureate Higher Level Examination in a language other than English (score: 5 or better)
    3. An achievement test administered by a college or university (score: proficiency equivalent to at least two years of high school language).
    4. A passing grade on the international O Level or A Level exam in a language other than English.
  4. Complete, with grades of “C” or better, two years of formal schooling at the sixth grade level or higher in an institution where the language of instruction is not English (documentation must be on file at OCC).
  5. Complete a Defense Language Institute course in a language other than English with a grade of “C” or better (documentation must be on file with Admissions and Records).

American Institutions Requirement

(Not part of IGETC. May be completed prior to transfer.)

CSU has an American Institutions requirement that is separate from IGETC. Courses used to meet the CSU requirement can be double-counted in Area 3 or 4. To meet the CSU requirement, students should take PSCI A180 American Government or PSCI A180H American Government Honors and one of the following courses: HIST A170 History of the United States to 1876, HIST A170H History of the United States to 1876 Honors, HIST A175 History of the United States Since 1876, HIST A175H History of the United States Since 1876 Honors.

UC requires the completion of a college course or courses with a grade of “C” or better OR a one-year course in high school in U.S. history or a half-year course in U.S. history and a half-year course in American government with grades of “C” or better (UCLA requires grades of “B”). UCSB requires the completion of a college course. If you are using college coursework to satisfy this requirement, check the appropriate UC catalog to determine which course(s) to take.

Ethnic Studies Requirement

CSU has an Ethnic Studies requirement that is separate from IGETC. Courses used to meet the CSU requirement can be double counted in Area 4. To meet the CSU requirement, students should take ETHS A100, Contemporary Ethnic America.

Note: Transfer credit for some courses may be limited by the University of California. Please see the UC Transfer course agreement on Please scroll by subject to see any credit limitations that may apply.