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Hotel Management (HTEL)

HTEL A1103 Units (54 lecture hours)  
Front Office Operations  

Grading Mode: Standard Letter

Study of front-office procedures from reservations through checkout including the night audit and the property management system and their impacts on other lodging operations. Special emphasis placed on guest-employee relations. This course may also be offered online. Transfer credit: CSU.

HTEL A1301.5 Units (27 lecture hours)  
Guest Services  
Advisory: HTEL A110 or concurrent enrollment.

Grading Mode: Standard Letter

This course educates students on how concierge, bell, valet, courtesy van staff, and security personnel make guests feel safe and at home. Dramatizes how to promote your property's revenue-generating facilities and increase job performance while by increasing professionalism. This course may also be offered online. This course is certified through the American Hotel & Lodging Association. Transfer credit: CSU.

HTEL A2603 Units (54 lecture hours)  
Supervision and Training Techniques  

Grading Mode: Standard Letter

Developing personnel programs and desirable labor-management relations. Special emphasis on leadership skills of motivation, communication, and decision making. Same as Food Service Management A260. Students completing Hotel Management A260 may not receive credit for Food Service Management A260. Transfer credit: CSU.