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Immersive Media Virtual Reality (IMVR)

IMVR A1203 Units (45 lecture hours; 27 lab hours)  
Introduction to Immersive Media (AR/VR)  

Grading Mode: Standard Letter

Transfer Credit: CSU.

An introduction to virtual reality media production, from simple 360-degree video capture, stitching, and editing, to the basic use of open-source, game engines to add 3D graphic elements, spacial audio, and user-interactivity to create immersive videos and experiences. Students will learn key terminology, techniques, and current VR and related Immersive Media trends. Students will work together to produce 360-degree videos and basic immersive experiences, viewable on a variety of headset platforms. Same as FILM A220. Students who complete FILM A220 may not enroll in IMVR A120.

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