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Consumer Studies (COS)

COS A001N12 Hours (12 lecture hours)  
Introduction to the Customer Service  

Grading Mode: P/NP/SP Non-Credit, Pass/No Pass

This noncredit course provides an introduction and exploration of entry-level jobs in the retail industry. Including job titles, skills needed, and related terminology. Introduction to retail basics, as it relates to vendors, products, and customer service.

COS A002N12 Hours (12 lecture hours)  
Customer Service and Retail Employment Opportunities  

Grading Mode: P/NP/SP Non-Credit, Pass/No Pass

In this noncredit course, student will research and explore job opportunities in the Orange County retail area to include internet search, Orange Coast College Job Center, and local community resources. Students will complete a written application and prepare for a first interview within the retail industry.