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Consumer Studies (COS)

COS A001N12 Hours (12 lecture hours)  
Introduction to the Customer Service  

Grading Mode: P/NP/SP Non-Credit

This noncredit course provides an introduction to customer service including effective communication skills, building relationships, types of customer service, dealing with difficult customers, and soft skills. Students will learn and practice the necessary skills for success as a customer service provider. This course is appropriate for individuals seeking employment in the customer service field in any industry.

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    COS A002N12 Hours (12 lecture hours)  
    Customer Service and Retail Employment Opportunities  

    Grading Mode: P/NP/SP Non-Credit

    This course includes researching and exploring local job opportunities in the customer service and retail industry. Students will become familiar with the online job search process, Orange Coast College Job Center, and local community resources. Students will complete a written application and prepare for a first interview.

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