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Computer & High Technology (CHT)

CHT A001N27 Hours (27 lecture hours; 0 lab hours; 0 other hours)  
Computer Basics - An Introduction  

Grading Mode: P/NP/SP Non-Credit

This noncredit course introduces basic computer fundamentals, keyboarding and basic Microsoft Word features in a Windows environment. Topics include: basic Windows features, taskbar settings, computer operations, terminology, keyboarding and mouse features. Create and format a business letter, and save files in folders and in multiple locations. Offered as Pass/No Pass/Satisfactory Progress only.

CHT A002N27 Hours (27 lecture hours)  
Computer Basics - Navigating the Internet  

Grading Mode: P/NP/SP Non-Credit

This noncredit course is an introduction to navigating the Internet. Topics include terminology, how to access the Internet using different browsers, apply settings, conduct a search using various search engines, using multiple tabs, and bookmarks. Identify Internet security dangers and precautions as well as social media and online communication platforms. Basic introduction of cloud computing and email etiquette. Offered as Pass/ No Pass/ Satisfactory Progress only.