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Accounting (ACCT)

ACCT A007N54 Hours (54 lecture hours)  
Not for Profit Recordkeeping and Compliance Noncredit  
Grading Mode: P/NP/SP Non-Credit
Not Transferable.
This is a noncredit course utilizing the theory and fundamentals of generally accepted accounting principles and industry-specific guidance in conjunction with legal and regulatory issues needed for managing the recordkeeping and compliance documentation for Not-for-Profit entities. Creation of recordkeeping systems and various financial statements/reports that will help to evaluate accountability, transparency, and persuasiveness of a Not-for-Profit entity. Topics will include day to day transaction and special project accounting, tax and audit issues, endowments and grants, reporting obligations and other legal considerations. Noncredit. Pass/No Pass/Satisfactory Progress. NOT DEGREE APPLICABLE.

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