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Study Load

The average student carries a 15 unit full academic load during a semester at Orange Coast College. This load requires most students to spend 40-45 hours each week preparing for and attending classes. The College recommends that entering freshmen carrying a full academic load (15 or more units) plan to work no more than 12-16 hours each week. Students who have a high school record — below a “C” average and might need to focus more on their studies — probably should work no more than 6-8 hours each week.

Students need to take 15 units per semester, or 30 semester units per academic year, in order to graduate within two years. No OCC student may carry more than 19 units during a semester, 9 units during summer, or 6 units during intersession without the permission of the OCC Dean of Counseling Services, which may be sought by submitting an Overload Petition.  This maximum applies to the combination of all units in which the student enrolls per semester/term in the Coast Community Colleges (Orange Coast, Golden West and Coastline).