Academic Catalogs


In accordance with District Administrative Procedure 5070, OCC’s attendance policy is as follows.

Students are expected to attend class regularly. Failure to attend may be taken into consideration by instructors when assigning grades. Students who miss the first class meeting, are absent for two contiguous class meetings, or have too many absences MAY be dropped by the instructor at any time during the semester until the final deadline for withdrawal. Instructors may have more restrictive requirements for attendance and these requirements shall be stated in the class syllabus. Students who miss class due to verifiable extenuating circumstances beyond their control, (i.e. accident, illness, death in the immediate family, etc.) should inform their Instructors prior to missing class meetings. A student who has been absent due to verifiable extenuating circumstances should report to the instructor immediately on the day of their return. No absence excuses a student from making up the work missed. Students should realize that absences may adversely affect their grades.

Please Note: It is the responsibility of the student to withdraw in order to meet all fee/refund deadlines and it is also the responsibility of the student to withdraw by state-mandated deadlines to avoid grade penalties.


Instructors may allow absences, at their discretion, for reasons of illness, emergencies, or College-sponsored activities including field trips, athletic events, speech tournaments, or other co-curricular activities. Those student activities should be scheduled to minimize absences from regularly scheduled classes. Prior to the activity, instructors are responsible for submitting Co-Curricular Participation Lists to their academic division office. All others are responsible for submitting lists to the Dean of Student Services. Students, also, should inform instructors of upcoming co-curricular activities and ask for ways of making up the absences.

Absence/Make-up Activities

Instructors may require make-up activities equivalent to the lessons missed through absence. What constitutes an excused absence and any required make-up activities, should be stated clearly, preferably in writing, by the instructor at the start of the course.

Student Responsibility

It is the student’s responsibility to be aware of and adhere to State-mandated drop and pass/no pass grading option deadlines. In addition, students should be aware of and adhere to the deadlines for fee-payments and fee refunds. Students should verify all transactions of adds or drops by printing their Student Class Program/Web Schedule Bill for confirmation of actions taken. Finally, it is the student’s responsibility to be aware of and adhere to the Student Code of Conduct and all other student policies. Students who wish to submit either of the following petitions: "Petition for Review of Account Status" or "Petition for Late Withdrawal" must submit the appropriate petition no later than the end of the subsequent semester in which the course in question was taken. (Ex: student received an “F” in ENGL A100 for Spring, 2020, the "Petition for Late Withdrawal" must be submitted prior to the end of the Fall 2020 term.) Please note that the deadline for Grade Grievances is different.  For information regarding Grade Grievances, please visit the appropriate section of the catalog for more information.  Petitions submitted after the stated deadlines will not be accepted or reviewed. Students should check their MyCoast page — particularly their Student Class Program/ Web Schedule Bill — and their CCCD issued email account often for important updates and information. The CCCD email account is the official communication method that instructors and staff use to send students important information.

Working Students

Working students should remember that taking 15 units of college coursework requires about the same amount of time as working 40 hours a week; therefore, full-time students should allow adequate time to study. Students may contact the Financial Aid Office or call (714) 432-5508 to determine their eligibility for financial assistance. No student should expect any instructor to lower course standards to accommodate them for not doing the required coursework due to work employment.