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Online Learning

As an important instructional tool and delivery system, the internet is used to enhance instruction at Orange Coast College in a wide variety of ways. Online learning opportunities at OCC include courses taught partially or completely via the Internet, as well as campus-based classes that include online materials and activities. All online courses are equivalent to their campus counterparts and are offered through Canvas, our learning management system (LMS). Many of the online instructional modules offer students new and highly stimulating modes of learning.

Please review the OCC schedule of classes for more information about online courses.

Extended Learning Attendance and Non-Participation Policy (Online Learning)

All students enrolled in extended learning courses (online learning) must log in to each course and complete any assignment or other activity, to be determined by the instructor, that is required during the first week. Students who fail to complete first-week assignments/activities within the instructor’s deadline may be dropped.

After the first week and during the time period before the final withdrawal date, students are responsible for withdrawing from a class within the appropriate time to avoid an unsatisfactory grade, as stated in this catalog (see “Grades and Grade Points” section).

OCC’s Attendance Policies state that “instructors may drop a student from a course when the student is absent for two contiguous class meetings.” In the case of extended learning, “absences” shall be defined as “non-participation.” Instructors may drop students after the equivalent of two weeks of non-participation. Non-participation shall be defined as, but not limited to:

  • Not following the instructor’s participation guidelines as stated in the syllabus.
  • Not submitting required assignments.
  • Not contributing meaningful discussion in required chat rooms, discussion boards, or other online forums.
  • Not participating in scheduled activities.
  • Failure to communicate with the instructor as required.

It should be noted that simply logging into the course does not constitute participation. Students must demonstrate that they are actively participating in the course by submitting required assignments, contributing to discussion forums, etc. as outlined above.