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General Education Requirements for the University of California

To earn a bachelor’s degree from the University of California, each student must complete a program of general education. To meet the general education requirements of the university, students can complete either the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (Orange Coast College General Education Option 3) or individual campus general education requirements. OCC strongly recommends that students follow the IGETC rather than the individual campus requirements as this will provide more flexibility when applying to transfer. IGETC should not be used for the following: Business Administration, Chemistry, Environmental Design and Natural Resources at UC Berkeley, Nursing at UCLA, Revell and Roosevelt College at UCSD, Engineering at all UC campuses, and other high-unit majors at UC campuses (e.g. biological and physical sciences). Students who began at a UC campus and who intend to transfer back to the same campus cannot use IGETC. Some UC campuses do not allow students who began at another UC campus to use IGETC. Students in the above categories should follow the General Education requirements of the UC campus they are transferring to.

Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) for UC

See the Graduation Requirements section of the Catalog for specific courses which meet these requirements.

  1. English Communication - 6 units
  2. Mathematical Concepts - 3 units
  3. Arts and Humanities - 9 units
  4. Social and Behavioral Sciences - 6 units
  5. Physical and Biological Sciences - 7-9 units
  6. Language Other Than English - 0-5 units
  7. Ethnic Studies - 3 units

The IGETC should be completed in its entirety prior to transfer. Students who are missing no more than 2 courses prior to matriculation at a four year institution may request partial certification during any term except in the final term prior to graduation from the four year institution.