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Marine Science (MRSC)

MRSC C100L1 Unit (54 lab hours)  
Marine Sciences Lab  
Co-requisite(s): MRSC C100 or taken previously with a grade of C or better.

Grading Mode: Standard Letter, Pass/No Pass

Transfer Credit: CSU; UC: Credit Limitation: BIOL C103, BIOL C103L and MRSC C100, MRSC C100L: maximum credit, 4 units.

An orientation to marine science research process, techniques, equipment, institutions, and training/education centers. Investigations of physical and chemical properties of the sea; conditions of the air/sea/land interface; review of biological taxonomy and classification; study of longitude, latitude, ocean basin geography, and geology. Evaluation of the sea as a physical, chemical, biological, and recreational resource. Analyses of human efforts to control pollution, manage fisheries, and monitor the ocean world. This course is identical to BIOL C103L. Graded or Pass/No Pass option.

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