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Entertainment Art, Certificate of Achievement

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Financial Aid Eligible

The Entertainment Art certificate is for students wanting a career as an artist working for a studio in the Film, TV, Animation and Game industries. The focus is on World Building, known as Visual Development in these industries. These artists design and illustrate characters, environments, vehicles and props that form the visual world of stories we see on screen. The program is intended to introduce students to these fields and give them the skills and methods for internship and entry level jobs, and that enable the lifelong learning necessary to be an Entertainment Artist.

Program Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate the skills necessary to design and illustrate worlds (environments, characters, vehicles and props) for stories made for screens.
  2. Create a portfolio utilizing industry standard techniques for the purpose of gaining employment and/or acceptance to an art college or university for advanced learning.

Review Graduation Requirements.

Course Title Units
Required Courses
Foundational Courses
ART A110Color and Design: Two-Dimensional3
ART A118Visual Communication 13
ART A120Beginning Drawing3
ART A125Perspective Drawing3
DMAD A181Introduction to Computer Graphics3
ART A121Life Drawing 13
ART A135Digital Painting3
Restricted Electives - Skill Building
Select four courses from the following:12
Color and Design: Three-Dimensional
Human Anatomy for Artists
Advanced Drawing
Introduction to Storyboarding
Advanced Storyboarding and Previsualization
Figure Drawing for Animators and Illustrators
Painting 1
Story Illustration Techniques
Figure Composition
Digital Sculpture with ZBrush
Cartooning 1
Photoshop for Design
2D Animation
3D Computer Graphics Animation
Portfolio Building Core Courses
ART A251Character Design3
ART A252Prop and Vehicle Design3
ART A253Environment Design and Illustration3
ART A255Entertainment Art Project3
Total Units45

Program Sequence

These sequences at Orange Coast College are curriculum maps for students to finish all requirements for the certificate. There may be advisories, prerequisites, or time requirements that students need to consider before following these maps. Students are advised to meet with an Orange Coast College Counselor for alternate sequencing.

Plan of Study Grid
Year 1
Semester 1Units
ART A110 Color and Design: Two-Dimensional 3
ART A118 Visual Communication 1 3
ART A120 Beginning Drawing 3
ART A125 Perspective Drawing 3
Semester 2
DMAD A181 Introduction to Computer Graphics 3
ART A121 Life Drawing 1 3
ART A135 Digital Painting 3
ART A252 Prop and Vehicle Design 3
Year 2
Semester 1
ART A251 Character Design 3
ART A253 Environment Design and Illustration 3
Semester 2
ART A255 Entertainment Art Project 3
 Total Units45