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Ceramics, Certificate of Specialization

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Not Financial Aid Eligible

The Ceramics certificate covers the interaction of clay and glaze, studio organization and maintenance, and industrial specialization. This program is intended to provide the necessary tools for a student to perform at basic levels within the ceramic community.

Program Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of the various techniques and ceramic materials used.
  2. Students will be employable at entry-level in the ceramics industry.

Review Graduation Requirements.

Course Title Units
Required Courses
ART A148World History of Ceramics3
ART A150Ceramics 13
ART A151Ceramics 23
ART A152Intermediate Ceramic Design3
ART A153Ceramics and its Narrative3
Total Units15

Program Sequence

These sequences at Orange Coast College are curriculum maps for students to finish all requirements for the certificate. There may be advisories, prerequisites, or time requirements that students need to consider before following these maps. Students are advised to meet with an Orange Coast College Counselor for alternate sequencing. 

Some courses in this program may be offered once per academic year.

Plan of Study Grid
Year 1
Semester 1Units
ART A150 Ceramics 1 3
Semester 2
ART A151 Ceramics 2 3
ART A148 World History of Ceramics (SPRING CLASS ONLY) 3
Year 2
Semester 1
ART A152 Intermediate Ceramic Design 3
Semester 2
ART A153 Ceramics and its Narrative 3
 Total Units15