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Career and Technical Education Programs

Orange Coast College offers more than 150 Career & Technical Education programs. OCC offers a variety of programs combining theory, practical training, and experience. A program advisory committee, composed of local employers and workers, helps plan and offers ongoing advice and supervision for career programs. An extensive list of program descriptions is located in the College’s catalog under “Degrees and Certificates.” Pick up one of the career program information sheets in the Transfer Center to find what career and certificate programs OCC offers. To learn more about career options, please visit or call (714) 432-5575.

College Transfer Information

Many students choose careers that require four or more years of college. Orange Coast College has a comprehensive transfer program that satisfies lower-division requirements for most majors. A student, working with a counselor, may plan a two-year program at Orange Coast College and then transfer to a college or university to complete a four-year degree.

Courses numbered A100 or higher are transferable to the California State University system. A list of courses that transfer to the University of California system is available in the Counseling Center and Transfer Center. These courses also are marked “UC” in the Courses section of this catalog. Counselors can help determine which courses transfer to other colleges and universities.

The Transfer Information section of this catalog contains additional information about transfer.

Counseling and Guidance

The counseling program at Orange Coast College is in place to help students identify and clarify personal, career, and educational goals. The intent is to help students choose options that will improve the quality of their lives.

The counseling process encourages the building of a strong self-concept by helping students identify their needs and motivations, and by guiding them in learning and applying effective decision-making skills. Personal, career and academic choices are not viewed as separate and disconnected entities, but as interrelated issues, the combination and interaction of which determine the present and future quality of each individual’s life experience.

Community Education Programs

Orange Coast College’s Community Education programs provide a variety of lifestyle, recreation, enrichment, and professional development opportunities to our community members. All of OCC’s Community Education courses are low-cost, fee-based, not-for-credit and not supported by any state or local taxes; enrollment fees support this programming. For more information about Community Education, please call 714-432-5880 press 1 or visit

Developmental Programs

Many special programs are offered to students who are not prepared for the demands of college-level courses. OCC offers special programs and courses in developmental reading, vocabulary building, spelling, oral communication, basic mathematics and English as a Second Language.