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Awarding of Credit, Alternate Methods

Golden West College recognizes experiences outside of the traditional classroom setting. A maximum of 30 units may be granted in total for Credit for Prior Learning from one or more of the following: AP, CLEP, IB, industry certification and training, military training, student-created portfolios, or other experiential learning. A maximum of 50% of the major coursework – either units or number of courses - for any certificate or associate degree pattern may be awarded for credit for prior learning.  Awarded credit is not transferable to other colleges and universities; it is subject to the individual policies of the respective institutions. Please check with a counselor about your awarded credit. Additional college credit is awarded for prior learning as further described below:

Credit by Examination

Credit by Examination may be offered on a limited basis at the discretion of the respective instructional division. Students who are currently enrolled in at least one course (other than the course to be challenged) and in good academic standing are eligible to seek “credit by examination.” Students may inquire in the respective division office regarding eligible courses. If approval is granted, a Petition for Credit By Examination should be completed and submitted to the instructor and division office. A grade of  will be awarded based on the grading method for the course, and the course will be identified as a “Credit by Examination” on the transcript. Once the petition is approved by the dean and the instructor, the student will need to file the petition with Admissions and Records, make payment no later than the third week of the semester, and meet with the instructor to take the examination. Exam grades are final and will be posted to the transcript. Failure to successfully complete the examination will result in an unsatisfactory grade. Students should not enroll in the course to be taken as Credit by Examination. The course credit is clearly identified on the student’s transcript and designated as “Credit by Examination.” Since Credit by Examination may not transfer to other institutions, students are strongly encouraged to make an appointment with a counselor. Transferability of Credit by Examination is subject to review and approval by other colleges and universities. Units earned by examination are excluded from enrollment verifications, Financial Aid eligibility, and the college’s residency requirements for associate degrees.”

Licensure Credit

Vocational Nurses: Twenty units may be awarded for holders of valid California Vocational Nursing Licenses. Credits are posted to trans­cripts upon completion of all other graduation requirements. Students must provide a copy of their current California license upon application to the program in order to be eligible for this credit.

Other Licensure Credit: Other licenses issued by the State of California or other entities will be considered upon petition as appropriate.

Military Service Credit

Golden West College reserves the right to evaluate and grant credit based on the academic policies established at GWC. The college recognizes and grants academic credit to veterans who have completed a minimum of one year of active honorable service in the armed forces unless it has been awarded by another school. This credit includes three (3) units for AA Degree Area E-Self Development on the GWC General Education pattern, or Area E-Self Development on the California State University General Education pattern (CSU GE Breadth). Three (3) additional units of elective credit are awarded toward the GWC AA Degree to equal a total of six (6) units.

Veterans will be awarded credit based on a review of their DD-214 #4.

Technical Advanced Placement (TAP) Articulation

The TAP Program offers high school/ROP students an opportunity to transition from secondary education to community college in a seamless process. Many Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses taken during high school, offered by the high school or ROP, may be eligible for course articulation. If a course is articulated, there is an agreement between the high school/ROP and community college stating that the student will receive credit for the course if they meet the requirements specified below. This opportunity allows students to avoid repeating articulated CTE courses that are already complete.

Requirements for Earning TAP Credit
  1. Complete an articulated High School or ROP CTE class with a grade of “B” or better.
  2. Bring the official High School/ROP transcript to a GWC counselor who will sign the TAP petition form (obtained from the counselor).
  3. Submit completed forms to Admissions and Records:
    1. TAP (Technical Advanced Placement) Petition for credit, signed by the counselor
    2. Official High School/ROP transcript
    3. Department Portfolio Approval (if required)
  4. If all requirements are met, college credit will be granted in lieu of applicable CTE courses on the student’s GWC transcript at the end of the semester in which the student submits the completed form.

English Equivalency Test

Students who pass the State University English Equivalency Test (prior to 1993) are awarded course and unit credit for ENGL G100 Freshman Composition and ENGL G110 Critical Thinking, Reading And Writing Through Literature. Credits are posted to transcripts upon completion of all other graduation requirements. Copies of the official test results must be requested from the testing service by the student and forwarded to Admissions and Records.