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Campus Security & Parking

Campus Security

BP 3500 / AP 3500

It is the mission of the College and Public Safety department to provide a safe and secure environment for the campus community 24/7, 365 days a year. Campus Public Safety is staffed by dedicated, well trained and professional Campus Safety Officers who are here to assist you. Our office is staffed Monday through Friday and is located in the Southwest corner of the campus next to Nursing & Health Services (Goldenwest St. and Edinger Ave.). Golden West College routinely gathers campus crime statistics and publishes them each semester in the College Catalog. This information is provided to give prospective and current students information to help them make decisions about their potential or continued enrollment in a postsecondary institution. Annual Security and Fire Safety Report can be accessed via:


Golden West College maintains a Public Safety Department with personnel available 24 hours a day. A person may report any criminal action or emergency at any time – day or night – by calling (714) 895-8924 or for emergencies (714) 895-8999 or 911. Campus “blue phones” located throughout the interior of the campus and throughout our parking lots (see map on Public Safety website may also be used to contact the Public Safety Department. The Public Safety Department is located between the nursing and the new Math & Science building & STEM Center. Office hours are 8:00 5:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday.

Abandoned Vehicles

Section 501 No person shall abandon or leave standing any vehicle or motorized cycle on the campus in excess of 96 hours. All such vehicles will be stored under authority of Section 2265 8 (a) of the California Vehicle Code.

Section 502 Any person who abandons a vehicle or motorized cycle on campus or violates campus regulations that require towing of such vehicle will be responsible for payment of all towing and storage charges.

Parking and Traffic Rules and Regulations

BP 6750 / AP 6750

By authority of California Vehicle Code Section 21113, the following parking and traffic rules and regulations have been adopted to facilitate vehicular movement and parking and provide for the safety of all persons using the community college campus. These parking and traffic rules and regulations will be in effect 24 hours a day.


Authorization is granted to the college Public Safety Department to issue parking citations within the confines of the campus. Citations will be issued for violation of the Parking Regulations as outlined below. Automatic penalties will be assessed on all fines not paid prior to the specified due date.

All authorized permit parking areas will be enforced Monday through Thursday 7:00 10:00 p.m. and Friday 7:00 5:00 p.m.


Section Violation Bail
208 No person shall sleep in or remain overnight in any vehicle on campus. No vehicle shall be parked overnight on campus (midnight to 6:00 a.m.) without permission from Public Safety Department. $35.00
401 No parking is allowed in any area that does not have a clearly marked stall, except designated dirt lots. $35.00
402 Vehicles parking within a stall shall not overlap the lines that designate the stall. $35.00
403 No persons shall park or leave standing a vehicle on any walkway, landscaped area, driveway, road or field without prior approval of the Public Safety Department. $35.00
404 No person shall park or leave standing a vehicle not a motorcycle nor moped in an area designated for motorcycles only. $35.00
405 No vehicle shall be parked backwards in diagonal parking stalls. $35.00
406 No person shall park or leave standing a motor vehicle blocking traffic lanes on any campus roadway or parking lot. $40.00
407 When signs or marking (such as red curbs) prohibiting and/or limiting parking are erected or placed upon any street, road, or area, no person shall park or leave standing any vehicle upon such street, road, or area in violation of any such sign or marking. $40.00
409 No person shall park in any area marked in blue and identified as “Handicapped Parking” unless a handicapped placard/license plate issued by DMV is displayed inside the vehicle. $250.00
410 No person shall park in an area posted or marked “Staff Parking” unless a valid staff parking permit is properly displayed. $35.00
411 No person shall park any vehicle in any fashion so as to create a traffic hazard. $40.00
412 No person shall park on campus in a designated permit area without a current, valid parking permit properly displayed either on the left rear bumper or suspended from the rear view mirror, on the dashboard or inside lower left windshield. Motorcycles/mopeds shall have the permit affixed to the left front fork. $35.00
Stolen/Forged/altered/mutilated permit $40.00
413 Vehicles parking in metered stalls must pay for use of the stall as indicated on the meter. Display of a campus parking permit does not preclude payment of meter fees. $35.00