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Film & Television, Certificate of Achievement

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The Film & Television program at OCC is designed to give the student two years of extensive theory and technical experience training in the basic skills required for employment in the film & television industries.

Program Outcome

  1. The Film & Television program offers a Certificate of Achievement that, when completed, gives the student the basic skills required for entry-level employment in the film, video, television, multi-media and entertainment industries in the areas of producing, directing, camera operation, lighting, sound and editing

Certificate Requirements

Orange Coast College offers two types of certificate awards in career programs designed to prepare the graduate to enter a particular field of employment. At least 3 units in an advanced course from the certificate must be completed at OCC.

  1. Certificate of Achievement - 8 units or more in a state-approved program.  Certificates of Achievement are not automatically awarded. A petition must be filed in Enrollment Services or online at the beginning of the semester in which the student will be completing his or her final requirements.  The petitioning periods are listed in the Graduation Requirements section of this catalog. 
  2. Certificate of Specialization - 16 units or less in a locally approved program.  Certificates of Specialization are not automatically awarded, not printed on official academic transcripts, and there is no acknowledgment of completion given at graduation.  Please contact the division for details regarding the submission of petitions as procedures for each division vary.  Most division offices prefer that students complete all of the required courses and then provide a copy of the transcript while some divisions allow petitions for Certificates of Specialization before finishing.

Minimum Grade Requirement
In order to be awarded a certificate, students are required to obtain a grade of “C” or better in all program-required courses. Grades of “CR” or “P” will be accepted whereas “CR” or “P” meets the equivalency of a “C” or better. A list of certificate programs can be found in the Programs A-Z section of this catalog. Check with a counselor to determine the requirements for completion.

Plan of Study Grid
Year 1
Semester 1Units
FILM A110 Film Production 1 3
FILM A194 Editing 1 3
Semester 2
FILM A155 Television Production 1 3
FILM A240 Film Production 2 3
Year 2
Semester 1
History and Appreciation of the Cinema 1
or History of Radio & Television
Semester 2
Documentary Production 1
or Film Production 3
 Total Units19
Restricted Electives - 10
Total Units - 29

Film & Television Restricted Electives

Course Title Units
Select ten units of the following:10
Broadcast Journalism
Remote Broadcasting
Motion Graphics and Video Compositing with Adobe After Effects
Scriptwriting I
Film As Literature
History and Appreciation of the Cinema 1
The Business of Film & Television
The Great Directors of the Cinema
Introduction to Media Writing
History of Video Games
Science Fiction Film
Science Fiction Film Honors
Project Development and the Pitch
Event Productions
History of Radio & Television 1
Sound Design for Film & TV
Introduction to Visual Effects
Remote Broadcasting
Production Management
Social Media Marketing
Editing 2
Introduction to Virtual Reality (VR)
Directing Theory
Television Production 2
Post production Finishing
Special Projects
Television Studio Operations
Editing 3
Documentary Production 1
Film Production 3 1
Portfolio Development
Introduction to Photography
Introduction to Digital Photography