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Academic Preparation in English, Certificate of Competency

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Not Financial Aid Eligible

This Certificate of Competency is a noncredit program designed for those interested in developing greater competency in the skills needed to be proficient writers. It is designed to give students an academic foundation in English reading comprehension and writing skills. Students will explore different types of academic writing, build academic vocabulary, strengthen academic reading comprehension, learn strategies to improve academic writing, and develop stronger overall reading and writing skills. Skills developed to focus on those necessary to successfully pass college-level English, including grammar, reading, and paragraph writing. Special emphasis on the development of students who have confidence in writing college-level essays.

Program Outcomes

  1. Students will demonstrate essay writing skills in support of college-level coursework and produce academic writing that follows proper format and standard English grammatical rules.
  2. Students will demonstrate command of reading strategies for reading academic texts.

Certificate of Competency

A certificate in a recognized career field articulated with degree-applicable coursework, completion of an associate degree, or transfer to a baccalaureate institution.

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Course Title Hours
Required Courses
Select two courses from the following:
ENGL A001NGrammar Within Reach - Noncredit18
ENGL A002NReading for Success - Noncredit18
ENGL A003NPerfecting Paragraphs - Noncredit18
ENGL A004NBuilding A College Essay - Noncredit18
ENGL A006NSupport Skills for English Composition1-6
Total Hours19-36