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Computer Basics, Certificate of Completion

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Not Financial Aid Eligible

This Certificate of Completion is a noncredit program designed to build a foundation in basic computer and Internet usage for any learner with little or no computer experience. Students will develop an understanding and competency in basic computer usage, terminology and navigating the internet to obtain, sustain, advance employment opportunities, transition to the Business Information Worker Certificate or other college-level credit course work. Students who successfully complete CHT A001N and CHT A002N will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Program Outcomes

  1. Students will demonstrate how to operate a computer and perform basic tasks in a Windows environment, identify components of a computer and develop a basic Word document.
  2. Students will demonstrate how to navigate and conduct a basic search on the internet using safety precautions and various web browser and online tools.

Certificate of Completion

A certificate leading to improved employability or job opportunities.

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Course Title Hours
Required Courses
CHT A001NComputer Basics - An Introduction27
CHT A002NComputer Basics - Navigating the Internet27
Total Hours54