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Chemistry Skills, Certificate of Competency

Not Financial Aid Eligible
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This certificate addresses skills and competencies generally developed during a student’s secondary educational experiences. Students are awarded the Chemistry Skills Certificate as evidence they have passed at least three Chemistry Skills classes, to ensure their competency in the material. Students that complete this certificate have had extended exposure and practice in the areas of applying mathematical principles, problem-solving, and laboratory techniques to chemistry concepts to compensate for skills not learned in high school. This will improve student retention, success, and ability to transfer colleges and get laboratory work.

Program Outcomes

  1. Explain and give examples of common problem-solving skill strategies in chemistry.
  2. Employ critical thinking and common problem-solving strategies to solve chemistry problems.
  3. Learn how to make and record proper observations and measurements with standard laboratory equipment.

Certificate of Competency

A certificate in a recognized career field articulated with degree-applicable coursework, completion of an associate degree, or transfer to a baccalaureate institution.

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Course Title Units
Required Courses
Select three (3) courses from the following:54
Chemistry Skills for Introductory Chemistry Noncredit
Chemistry Skills for Preparation for General Chemistry Noncredit
Chemistry Study Skills for General Chemistry A
Lab Skills for General Chemistry A
Chemistry Study Skills for General Chemistry B
Lab Skills for General Chemistry B
Total Hours54