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FrameCAD Steel Design NC, Certificate of Completion

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Control Number: 40256

Not Financial Aid Eligible

The FrameCAD Steel Production Certificate prepares students and working professionals for design file preparation, cold form steel (CFS) fabrication, CFS panel production and assembly, and preparation for project delivery. Course projects will use FrameCAD design software to produce custom projects using FrameCAD Factory software on a FrameCAD F325iT machine. Students will also be trained to maintain and operate the machine, prepare worksite documents, and learn to organize workflow safely. People with skills in this transforming industry command high salaries and will part of a new era of integrative design and construction.

Program Outcomes

  1. Successful students in this program will be able to safely manufacture steel frame custom components using a FrameCAD F325iT machine and safely assemble the components into a structure.
  2. Successful students will be able to operate and maintain a FrameCAD machine and be able to document projects, materials, and machine records.
  3. Successful students will able to organize and schedule project workflow to utilize the machine and workers efficiently and safely.

Certificate of Completion

A certificate leading to improved employability or job opportunities.

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Course Title Hours
Required Courses
ARCH A004NIntroduction to FrameCAD Steel Framing Noncredit18
ARCH A021NFrameCAD Studio 1 Noncredit48
ARCH A022NFrameCAD Studio 2 Noncredit48
ARCH A041NFrameCAD Workshop 1 Noncredit48
Total Hours162