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Allied Health Program Readiness, Certificate of Competency

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Control Number: 40741

Not Financial Aid Eligible

This noncredit certificate is designed to support students, particularly English learners, in developing readiness for Allied Health Programs at OCC. Students will be able to be better prepared to successfully acquire Medical Terminology and self-advocate in Allied Health Programs. English learners completing this program will have the opportunity to gain foundational information about the U.S. healthcare system and support instruction in pronunciation and word part knowledge.

Program Outcomes

  1. Students will apply pronunciation and word part knowledge to be better prepared to enter Allied Health Programs.
  2. Students will apply various language forms to self-advocate in the classroom and in LMS settings.

Certificate of Competency

A certificate in a recognized career field articulated with degree-applicable coursework, completion of an associate degree, or transfer to a baccalaureate institution.

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Course Title Hours
Required Courses
ALH A011NPreparation for Allied Health Programs36
ELL A061NELL Support for Preparation for Allied Health Program18
Total Hours54