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Online Registration

Registration is conducted online via the MyCoastPortal. Registration appointments are typically assigned to students three weeks prior to the first day of the registration cycle for the upcoming semester or session. This includes continuing students as well as new (applicants) and returning students. Any student who applies and is admitted for the semester or term will have access to the MyCoastPortal for all registration, fee payment and withdrawal transactions.

Late Registration

Late registration for all classes begins the first day of the semester or session. During the first two weeks of class (spring and fall semester), students may register only with the permission of the instructor. In order for a student to receive a late add during the second week, he or she must have been in attendance the first week of class. Students will not be permitted to register after the second week of class. Check the college website or the class schedule for registration deadlines. Students should be aware that missing the first class meeting or meetings may severely affect their chances to succeed in the course and also risk being dropped by the instructor for non-attendance or participation.

Note: Students entering classes late are responsible for making up missed work and are responsible for all fee and refund deadlines associated with each class section. Students who are permitted to add after the refund deadline will not be eligible for a refund if the class is dropped.

Physical Examination

A physical examination is not required to enroll at Golden West College except for students entering the Nursing Program and the Criminal Justice Academy Programs. The Director of the Health Center may require a student to have a physical examination to protect either the student or the college.

Eligibility for Courses and Programs

A student may enroll in any course offered at Golden West College provided prerequisites for the course have been met.

Programs Requiring Advanced Approval

The programs at Golden West College that require advanced approval before entering are: Nursing - RN; Nursing - LVN to RN, and the Criminal Justice Academy Programs.


Waitlists are available for most classes. If students add themselves to the waitlist and a seat becomes available, they will be notified by email and will have 24 hours to add the class via the MyCoastPortal. Students with valid cell phone numbers will also receive a text notification. Waitlist email notifications are only sent to the Coast District assigned student Gmail account ( The link to the student's Gmail is found on the home page within the MyCoastPortal. If the waitlist notification expires, students will have to add themselves back to the waitlist (if desired) or select a different class that may have seats available.

Closed Classes

Classes with a “C” next to them on the searchable online class schedule indicate that the class is closed (full). If the class in which a student wishes to enroll is closed take the following steps: 

  1. Find another CRN of the course that may still have seats available.
  2. If there is a waitlist option, the student should add themselves to the waitlist. If a seat becomes available, the student will be notified by email and text and will have 24 hours to add the waitlisted class. All prerequisites and co-requisites must be met. Students can monitor their waitlist position by logging into the MyCoastPortal and clicking on “Detail Schedule with Waitlist Position” in the Registration Tools box. Even though text messaging is available for waitlist notifications, it is suggested students log into their MyCoastPortal and check their Coast District assigned Gmail account multiple times a day to reduce the chance of missing the 24 hour window from email notification for the waitlist.
  3. If waitlists are not available, check back to see if a seat may have become available due to a student withdrawal or due to a student being dropped for nonpayment of fees.
  4. If the class the student wants to add does not reopen before the semester begins, or if they are unable to place themselves on the waitlist because it is full, does not exist, or they are not eligible to do so, they may still attend the first class meeting. The instructor may provide access to students to join a class with an Add Authorization Code (AAC). The AAC will allow students to register online via the MyCoastPortal for the course prior to the registration deadline. Traditionally, instructors extend priority AAC to students who are already on the class waitlist.

Please Note: a student must have a registration appointment for the registration term to be able to register online using their MyCoastPortal. If a student has not enrolled in classes for two primary terms (fall and spring semester), they will need to apply to the college again to reinstate their active student status.  

Priority Registration Policy

BP 5055 / AP 5055

Enrollment priority is the process used to determine the order in which students will have the opportunity to register for classes. Recognizing that each college serves a unique student population that may have differing needs, the development of specific registration priorities for some student groups will be done at the college level in accordance with District procedures.

The Coast Community College District is committed to the philosophy that all students should have fair and equitable access to courses and programs within the resources of each college and in accordance with State Education Code, Title 5 provisions, and guidelines adopted by the Board of Governors. Further, the District believes that students should be able to progress toward their stated educational objective in a timely manner.

The primary mission of the District colleges is to provide degree, certificate, and transfer programs. Therefore, priority is extended to matriculated students who have demonstrated satisfactory academic progress toward their declared educational objectives in these areas.

Students are assigned registration appointments in accordance with the Coast Community College District (CCCD) Board Policy, BP 5055 and Administrative Procedure, AP 5055. Students will lose priority registration due to unit cap and/or not meeting academic progress standards (completion of more than 50% of courses attempted and maintaining a cumulative 2.0 GPA). Students will also lose eligibility for the California College Promise Grant (CCPG) due to not meeting academic standards. Students may appeal for consideration of reinstatement of priority registration and/or CCPG eligibility. For exceptions that will be considered, visit the Golden West College website for details.

Board Policies and Administrative Procedures are available on the Board Policy section of the Coast Community College District (CCCD) website at

Open Enrollment Policy

It is the policy of the Coast Community College District that, unless specifically exempted by statute, every course section or class, the attendance of which is to be reported for state aid, wherever offered and maintained by the District, shall be fully open to enrollment and participation by any person who has been admitted to the college(s) and who meets such prerequisites as established pursuant to Section 58106 of Title 5 of the California Administrative Code.

9th through 12th Grade Students

College Credit Courses for High School Students: Dual & Concurrent Enrollment

Golden West College is dedicated to helping high school students throughout our district achieve college and career readiness. In partnership with local high schools, GWC offers multiple pathways for students to earn college credit in order to:

  • Develop seamless pathways from high school to community college for Career & Technical Education programs
  • Increase students’ preparation to transfer to four-year colleges and universities starting in high school
  • Support high school graduation rates by offering students opportunities to enroll in college prep courses

For the most up to date information on Dual and Concurrent Enrollment, visit our college website:

High School Students enrolled in college credit classes should be aware that:

  • All Golden West College courses are college level courses
  • High School Students cannot displace a college level student
  • If the student is home-schooled, the student must provide verification that the home-school program is recognized and approved by the county department of education and provide verification that the student is able to succeed in college level classes. A Private School Affidavit should accompany the Special Part-Time High School Release Form or the Dual Enrollment Release form found at:

Students enrolled in 9th through 12th grade may enroll in courses at Golden West College if they meet the following criteria:

  • The student must be at least a minimum day student at school (not required for summer class registration)
  • The course(s) requested is an advanced academic or vocational experience and not available at the student’s regular school (PE courses are restricted in accordance with SB338)
  • The student meets the prerequisite for the course requested
  • The student has the permission of their parent and have completed the Parent Consent Form
  • The student has the permission of their high school principal or designee with a recommendation of the specific course or courses to be taken and have completed the Dual Enrollment Release Form or Special Part-Time High School Release Form:

The college has the right and responsibility to restrict enrollment for reasons of health and safety, appropriateness of the course, preparedness of the student, college policy, state law and space availability. Application procedures are available on the Golden West College website.

Student Registration, Placement and Educational Planning

Based on student responses to the Golden West College application for admission, students self-identify as either matriculating or non-matriculating. Students identified as matriculating are referred to core services: orientation and counseling. Students must complete orientation and declare a course of study and develop an educational plan prior to being eligible to receive priority registration. An educational plan can be accomplished by enrolling in a counseling course or by scheduling an appointment with a counselor.

The Guided Self-Placement Tool can help students choose the appropriate Math and English courses. Before enrolling in classes, students should make an appointment with a Counselor, who can help with the best selection of courses based on individual interests and academic goals. To complete your My Academic Plan, visit To make a counseling appointment, visit, call 714-895-8119 ext.1 or via chat on the website.

For guidance for determining an appropriate English Language Learner (ELL) course level selection, please see the website for additional information

Non-matriculating students are exempt from participating in these core services but are advised to access these services if they decide to pursue a degree or certificate.


Some students may be exempted from advisement/orientation and counseling if they meet one of the following criteria:

  1. Completed an A.A. degree or higher at an accredited United States college or university.
  2. Are concurrently enrolled or are Dual Enrollment high school students attending with the recommendation of the school principal.