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Registration, Placement, and Educational Planning

Students self-identify as either matriculating or non-matriculating when applying to Coastline.

Matriculating students have completed none or very few college units and are typically required to complete the matriculation process, while non-matriculating students may be exempt from the matriculation process, if they have completed an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree or higher at an accredited United States college or university or are concurrently enrolled or are Dual Enrollment high school students attending with the recommendation of the school principal. Students should contact Admissions and Records Office, if they are unsure of their matriculation status when starting at Coastline.

Matriculating Students

Students identified as matriculating are referred to core services: orientation and counseling. These students must complete orientation and declare a course of study and develop an educational plan prior to being eligible to receive priority registration. For more information, visit the Coastline Priority Registration webpage. An educational plan can be accomplished by enrolling in a counseling course, attending an educational planning workshop, or by scheduling an appointment with a counselor.

Students can register early with Priority Registration by satisfying the following requirements:

  • New Student Orientation
  • Complete a Counselor-approved Student Education Plan (SEP)
  • Placement: complete a multiple measure assessment: high school GPA or guided self-placement. Coastline no longer requires or provides assessment tests to determine student’s entry level into Math and English courses. All students have direct access to transfer-level Math and English courses with or without supplemental support.

Before enrolling in classes, students should make an appointment with a counselor, who can help you make the best selection of courses based on your ability and academic goals. To contact the Counseling Center, visit the Coastline Counseling webpage or call (714) 241-6162.

For assistance with placement into our English as a Second Language (ESL) or English Language Learner (ELL) courses visit the Coastline ESL Program webpage for additional information.

Non-Matriculating Students

Non-matriculating students are exempt from participating in the core services such as orientation and placement, but are advised to access these services, if they decide to pursue a degree or certificate.

Student Equity and Achievement Program

The Student Equity and Achievement Program (SEA) is intended to help students achieve their educational goals through support services and college activities and programs that are necessary to assist students meet their personal academic and career objectives. Through the SEA Program the college will serve all students with an emphasis on eliminating achievement gaps.

Requirements of Student Equity and Achievement include:

  • Provide matriculation services to assist in making an education plan
  • Provide all students with an education plan through counseling
  • Implement AB 705 and AB 1705
  • Maintain a student equity plan

The primary goal of the SEA Program is to identify the support services that students need to succeed and refer students to college and community resources to meet those needs while providing equity in all practices.

For more information on the Student Equity and Achievement Program and resources, contact the Office of Student Equity at (714) 241-6130 or visit the Equity at Coastline page.