Academic Catalogs

Admissions Information

How to Apply (General Students)—Students planning to attend Coastline College must apply online at the Coastline website. The admission cycle for the fall semester and summer session and for the spring semester begins the preceding September. Fall applications only begins July of the current year. 

How to Apply (Military Contract Education Programs)—Military Personnel and their dependents wishing to enroll in the Military Contract Education program should do so online at the Coastline Military Programs and Services website.

Eligibility—Individuals 18 years of age or older who can profit from instruction qualify for admission. If under 18, you will qualify for admission if one of the following has been satisfied:

  • Graduated from high school.
  • Passed the California High School Certificate of Proficiency Test or equivalent.

High School Students—High School Students Special Part-Time 9th through 12th grade Students Admission and Registration Procedure: High school students may be eligible for Coastline College’s Special Part-Time Program. The Special Part-Time Program is designed for 9th and 12th grade high school students seeking advanced scholastic or vocational coursework not available at the high school. Consult the current class schedule or College Catalog for course prerequisites and other requirements. Note: In accordance with SB338, enrollment in physical education courses has been restricted or excluded.

Academic Requirements for Special Part-Time Program Students—Eligible students have the opportunity to enroll in a maximum of 11 units each Fall/Spring semester (6 units max for summer) and earn college credit while still attending high school. Students are expected to meet the same requirements as regular college students and coursework taken appears on the student’s college transcript. Students interested in attending Coastline College under the Special Part-Time Program must submit a completed admissions application to the Admissions and Records Office along with a Special Part-Time Program High School Release Form signed by both the high school principal and the parent/guardian. Students who are enrolled in the Special Part-Time Program and are designated as California residents (see residency information) are not required to pay the per-unit enrollment fee but are required to pay all other required fees.

Open Enrollment Policy

The Open Enrollment Policy of the Coast Community College District stipulates that unless specifically exempted by statute, every course section or class, the average daily attendance of which is to be reported for state aid, wherever offered and maintained by the district, shall be fully open to enrollment and participation by any person who has been admitted to the college and who meets such prerequisites as may be established pursuant to Section 58106 of Title V.

No High School Diploma or G.E.D.?

It is possible to complete a certificate program, associate degree, transfer program and/or a bachelor’s degree without earning a high school diploma. Many individuals, however, may want to obtain a high school diploma or its equivalent for personal or employment reasons. The following educational agencies may be contacted regarding obtaining the high school diploma, GED test and/or certificate of proficiency:

California State University Fullerton
(657) 278-2011

Garden Grove Unified School District (Lincoln Education Center)
(714) 663-6291

Huntington Beach Adult/Alternative School
(714) 842-4227

Santa Ana Centennial Education Center
(714) 241-5720