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Fashion Media, Events, & Promotion, Associate in Science Degree

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Financial Aid Eligible

The Fashion Media, Events, & Promotions Associate in Science will incorporate general education courses and major coursework to provide students with core skills in fashion merchandising concepts, fashion history, color theory, industry-specific computer programs, and sustainability. Students will also gain knowledge in directed skills related to public relations, creative production, writing for social media, photography, and event planning. Upon completion students will be prepared for transfer and/or entry level employment in the fields of event planning, public relations (PR), styling, fashion marketing and media production in the fashion industry and related businesses.

Program Outcomes

  1. Students will have the general education breadth to transfer to applicable four-year programs.
  2. Students will demonstrate a working knowledge of fashion marketing and promotions.
  3. Students will be able to plan, promote and evaluate special events, with special attention to the skills involved in social media, public relations (PR), and creative production.
  4. Students will be able to analyze fashion marketing concepts relevant to industry careers, and develop and execute marketing plans.

Review Graduation Requirements and General Education

Course Title Units
Required Courses
FASH A110Applied Textiles and Design3
FASH A115Introduction to the Fashion Industry3
FASH A120History of Fashion1.5
FASH A121Street Style1.5
FASH A170Clothing Design and Selection3
FASH A175Applied Color and Design Theory3
ART A110Color and Design: Two-Dimensional3
FASH A177Fashion Merchandising Concepts3
FASH A181Fashion Internship2
FASH A182Professional Practices2
FASH A190Apparel Industry Sustainability: Environmental, Ethical, & Legal Practices3
FASH A200Fashion Internship Lecture1
FASH A255Fashion Illustrating Techniques 13
Directed Coursework
FASH A117Creative Production3
FASH A118Trend Forecasting3
FASH A225Media, Events, and Promotions3
CMST A109Social Media Strategies3
ENGL A123Writing for Social Media3
PHOT A109Smartphone Fashion Photography2
PHOT A123Introduction to Digital Photography3
Subtotal17.0 - 18.0
Requirement Units
Electives to meet 60-unit degree requirement 2.0 - 1.0
General Education Breadth for AS: 18 Units 12.0
Total Units 60.0

Art A110 or Fash A175 (Area C1) and Fash A170 (area D) may be double counted for major and OCC AS General Education areas.

 Program Sequence

These sequences at Orange Coast College are general course curriculum maps for students to finish all major and general education requirements for two-year completion of degrees, and/or fulfillment of transfer requirements. The course sequence may include course prerequisites and other placement requirements. Students are advised to meet with an Orange Coast College Counselor to review course selections and sequences to ensure that completion of this program will meet a student's transfer and career goals.

Plan of Study Grid
Year 1
Semester 1Units
FASH A115 Introduction to the Fashion Industry 3
FASH A120 History of Fashion 1.5
FASH A121 Street Style 1.5
FASH A255 Fashion Illustrating Techniques 1 3
FASH A177 Fashion Merchandising Concepts 3
Semester 2
FASH A118 Trend Forecasting 3
FASH A225 Media, Events, and Promotions 1 3
FASH A110 Applied Textiles and Design 3
ENGL A123 Writing for Social Media 1 3
OCC AS GE Area A1 - Choose One 3
OCC AS Area C2 - Choose One 2 3.0
Math A030: Intermediate Algebra or higher (3-4 Units) 3 3-4
Year 2
Semester 1
FASH A190 Apparel Industry Sustainability: Environmental, Ethical, & Legal Practices 3
Applied Color and Design Theory (Same as ID A175 GE option 1 area C1) 4
or Color and Design: Two-Dimensional
CMST A109 Social Media Strategies 5 3
OCC AS Area B - Choose One 3.0
Elective (DEGREE APPLICABLE) 6 2-1
Semester 2
FASH A181 Fashion Internship (Co-requisite: FASH A200) 2
FASH A200 Fashion Internship Lecture (Co-requisite: FASH A181) 1
FASH A182 Professional Practices (Prereq: FASH A115 AND FASH A255) 1 2
FASH A170 Clothing Design and Selection (GE option 1 area D) 7 3
Introduction to Digital Photography 8
or Smartphone Fashion Photography
FASH A117 Creative Production 1 3
OCC AS GE Area A2 - Choose One 9 0-4
 Total Units60-65

Spring Only


Can be taken during Winter/Intersession


Math requirement needed if not met by HS Algebra, 100+ level Math courses satisfy AS  Math requirement and OCC AS GE Area A2.


FASH A175 or ART A110 can double-count towards GE Option 1 area C1.


Fall Only




FASH A170 can double-count to satisfy option 1 area D.


PHOT A123 can double-count towards GE Option 1 area C1. PHOT A109 can be taken in the Spring term only.


Area A2 Required if level Math A100+ was not taken OR ELECTIVE DEGREE APPLICABLE UNITS TO REACH THE MINIMUM OF 60 UNITS.