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Commercial Dance, Certificate of Achievement

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The goal of the Commercial Dance Certificate is to prepare the (advanced) student for the rigors of a career in the professional commercial dance field. Students will hone skills and train for the physical, creative, technical, and technological demands involved in auditioning, rehearsing, and performing in the professional world either on stage or screen.  

Program Outcome

Analyze, evaluate, and embody various commercial dance techniques in order to interpret, create and perform them at a proficiency level relevant to the professional commercial dance field.

Review Graduation Requirements.

Course Title Units
Required Courses
DANC A169Hip-Hop Dance III1
DANC A143Jazz Dance III2
DANC A144Ballet III2
DANC A205Dance as a Profession Seminar2
DANC A160Dance Composition/Choreography I3
DANC A154Contemporary Commercial Dance1
or DANC A257 Contemporary Commercial Dance 2
DANC A206Movement, the Camera and the Creative Process2
DANC A211Repertoire I (3 units)3
or DANC A203 Performing Dance Ensemble I
Repertoire I
and Rehearsal and Performance I (3 units)
DANC A150Dance Improvisation I (1 unit)1
or DANC A250 Dance Improvisation II
Restricted Electives2
African Dance and Drumming I
Latin Dance Styles I
Flamenco Dance 1
Mid-Eastern Dance 1
Polynesian Dance
Tap 1 (1 unit)
Tap 2 (1 unit)
Modern 2 (2 units)
Modern Dance III
Total Units19