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Athletic Training Level 2, Certificate of Achievement

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Not Financial Aid Eligible

The Athletic Training Certificate at Orange Coast College provides an educational and practical foundation for students interested in:

  • athletic training
  • physical therapy
  • physical therapy assistant and physical therapy aide
  • occupational therapy
  • and occupational therapy assistant

Athletic Training Level 2 is designed to meet the growing need for qualified professionals in these fields. The Athletic Training Level 2 Certificate objective is to further prepare students for immediate entry and/or transfer into the allied healthcare fields and athletic training and pre-physical therapy majors at receiving universities. The required courses are a cross-section of required courses in nearby accredited athletic training and physical therapy programs. The required courses for this certificate emphasize rehabilitation, orthopedic assessment, components of fitness and wellness and how they relate to the rehabilitation of injuries, and the standards for medical documentation and medical terminology.

Program Outcomes

  1. Students will have the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to be well-qualified applicants for undergraduate and graduate athletic training programs.
  2. Students will have the training and skills to function in a variety of employment opportunities including athletic training, physical therapy aide, physical therapy assistant and physical therapist. ASSESSMENT 2: Passing grades of C or better in proposed certificate classes will meet outcome goals.
  3. Students will have opportunities for employment and industry interface through partnerships with sports medicine clinics, and school districts, which currently have to train their own skilled staff at tremendous cost. 

Review Graduation Requirements.

Course Title Units
Required Courses
KIN A202Introduction to Kinesiology3
KIN A270Fitness and Health3
KIN A277Sports Medicine Practicum Level 32-4
KIN A278Sports Medicine Practicum Level 42-4
ALH A111Medical Terminology3
Restricted Electives
Group 1 Electives (Choose two courses)6-10
Conceptual Physics
Algebra Based Physics: Mechanics
Human Anatomy
Human Physiology
Preparation for General Chemistry
Principles of Chemistry
Introduction to Chemistry
General Chemistry A
College Algebra
Movement Analysis
Group 2 Electives (Choose two courses) 6-8
Nutrition, Fitness, and Performance
Stress Management Theory and Application
Sport and Exercise Psychology
Personal Health
Principles of Biology
Introduction to Statistics
Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences
Total Units25-35