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Athletics, Certificate of Achievement

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This Certificate of Achievement is designed for students who wish to participate in intercollegiate athletics at Orange Coast College and works towards completing lower division general education. It provides student athletes the opportunity to develop skills related to leadership, teamwork, collaboration, and personal responsibility within a team environment. Students who complete this certificate will have demonstrated excellence in lower division general education coursework and in intercollegiate athletic courses. 

Program Outcomes

  1. Student will make progress towards completing general education to be eligible to transfer to a four-year institution.
  2. Students will gain transferable life skills related to teamwork, collaboration, dedication, and completion.

Certificate of Achievement Requirements

The Certificate of Achievement is a state-approved career program that requires a minimum of eight units and is designed to prepare the graduate to enter a particular field of employment.  In order to be awarded a certificate, students are required to obtain a grade of “C” or better in all program-required courses. Grades of “CR” or “P” will be accepted whereas “CR” or “P” meets the equivalency of a “C” or better.  At least 3 units in an advanced course from the certificate must be completed at OCC at the department’s discretion.  Certificates of Achievement are not automatically awarded.  A petition must be filed in Enrollment Services or online at the beginning of the semester in which the student will be completing their final requirements.  The petitioning periods are listed in the Graduation Requirements section of this catalog.  Check with a counselor to determine the requirements for completion.

A list of certificate programs can be found in the Programs A-Z section of this catalog.  

Course Title Units
Choose 6 units from the following, including 3 units of intercollegiate athletics courses (Athl A235 - A263) and 3 units of team conditioning courses.
ATHL A235Basketball Team - Women's3
ATHL A236Cross Country Team - Women's3
ATHL A238Crew Team - Women's3
ATHL A239Golf Team - Women's3
ATHL A240Soccer Team - Women's3
ATHL A241Fastpitch Team3
ATHL A242Swimming Team - Women's3
ATHL A243Tennis Team - Women's3
ATHL A244Track and Field Team - Women's3
ATHL A245Volleyball Team - Women's3
ATHL A246Water Polo Team - Women's3
ATHL A247Sand Volleyball Team-Women's3
ATHL A250Baseball Team3
ATHL A251Basketball Team - Men's3
ATHL A252Crew Team - Men's3
ATHL A253Cross Country Team - Men's3
ATHL A254Football Team3
ATHL A255Golf Team - Men's3
ATHL A257Soccer Team - Men's3
ATHL A258Swimming Team - Men's3
ATHL A259Tennis Team - Men's3
ATHL A260Track and Field Team - Men's3
ATHL A261Volleyball Team - Men's3
ATHL A263Water Polo Team - Men's3
ATHL A109Sports Conditioning0.5-2.5
ATHL A119Athletic Team Training0.5-5
ATHL A129Fitness for Performance0.5-2.5
KIN A105Cardiovascular Fitness0.5-2.5
KIN A106Weight Training Level 11-2
KIN A107Fitness Programs I0.5-3
KIN A207Fitness Programs II0.5-3
KIN A108Strength and Conditioning0.5-3
KIN A208Strength and Conditioning Level 30.5-3
Restricted Electives: Complete 12 units
ANTH A100Cultural Anthropology3
ANTH A100HCultural Anthropology Honors3
ASTR A100Introduction to Astronomy3
ANTH A190Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology3
ASTR A100HIntroduction to Astronomy Honors3
ASTR A100LIntroduction to Astronomy Laboratory1
ART A100Survey of Western Art from Prehistory Through Gothic3
ART A100HHonors Survey of Western Art from Prehistory Through Gothic3
ART A101Survey of Western Art from Renaissance to Modern3
ART A101HHonors Survey of Western Art from Renaissance to Modern3
ART A102Survey of Modern and Contemporary Art History3
ART A107Introduction To Art3
BIOL A100Introduction to Biology4
BIOL A100HIntroduction to Biology Honors4
BIOL A125Human Biology3
BIOL A180Introduction to Biology for Majors 1: Cell and Molecular Biology4
BIOL A210General Microbiology5
BIOL A220Human Anatomy5
BIOL A225Human Physiology5
CHEM A100Principles of Chemistry3
CHEM A110Introduction to Chemistry5
CHEM A130Preparation for General Chemistry4
CHEM A180General Chemistry A5
CMST A100Interpersonal Communication3
CMST A110Public Speaking3
CMST A180Introduction to Mass Communications3
DMAD A181Introduction to Computer Graphics3
ECON A100Economics: General Concepts3
ECON A170Microeconomics3
ECON A175Macroeconomics3
ESEC A100Introduction to Environmental Science3
ENGL A100Freshman Composition3
ENGL A101Critical Reasoning: Fiction4
ENGL A101HCritical Reasoning: Fiction Honors4
ETHS A100Contemporary Ethnic America3
ETHS A150Ethnic Groups in the U.S.: Their Histories3
FILM A100History and Appreciation of the Cinema3
FILM A150History of Radio & Television3
GEOG A100World Regional Geography3
GEOG A100HWorld Regional Geography Honors3
GEOL A105General Geology3
GEOL A105HGeneral Geology Honors3
GEOL A105LGeneral Geology Laboratory1
HIST A150Ethnic Groups of the United States: Their Histories3
HIST A161World History 13
HIST A161HWorld History 1 Honors3
HIST A170History of the United States to 18763
HIST A170HHistory of the United States to 1876 Honors3
HIST A175History of the United States Since 18763
HIST A175HHistory of the United States Since 1876 Honors3
HIST A180Western Civilization 13
HIST A180HWestern Civilization 1 Honors3
HORT A100Horticulture Science3
HMDV A180Child Growth and Development3
HUM A100Introduction to the Humanities3
KIN A202Introduction to Kinesiology3
KIN A270Fitness and Health3
KIN A203First Aid and CPR2
KIN A271Drugs & Sports3
KIN A272Movement Analysis3
KIN A280Strength Conditioning/Theory3
KIN A282Introduction to Exercise Physiology3
KIN A283Nutrition, Fitness, and Performance3
MATH A100Liberal Arts Mathematics3
MATH A115College Algebra4
MATH A120Trigonometry3
MATH A155Finite Mathematics with Applications4
MATH A160Introduction to Statistics4
MATH A170Precalculus4
MATH A180Calculus 14
MATH A180HCalculus 1 Honors4
MRSC A100Oceanography3
MRSC A100HOceanography Honors3
MRSC A185Coastal Oceanography3
MRSC A185LCoastal Oceanography Lab1
MUS A100History and Appreciation of Western Classical Music3
MUS A105Music from Bach Up to Rock3
MUS A115Fundamentals of Music3
MUS A139History of Rock Music3
RLST A100Introduction to Religious Studies3
PHIL A100Introduction to Philosophy3
PHIL A120Ethics3
PHIL A150Critical Reasoning & Writing3
PHOT A120Introduction to Photography3
PHOT A130History and Aesthetics of Still Photography3
PSCI A180American Government3
PSYC A100Introduction to Psychology3
PSCI A180HAmerican Government Honors3
PSYC A100HIntroduction to Psychology Honors3
PSYC A160Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences4
PSYC A165Principles of Human Sexuality 13
PSYC A220Psychology of Personality3
PSYC A260Social Psychology3
RLST A110World Religion3
SOC A100Introduction to Sociology3
SOC A100HIntroduction to Sociology Honors3
SOC A110Introduction to Dating, Relationships, and Marriage3
SOC A150Introduction to Race and Ethnicity3
SOC A185Analysis of Social Problems3
SOC A185HAnalysis of Social Problems Honors3
THEA A100Introduction to Theatre3
THEA A101Introduction to History and Literature of the Theatre3
THEA A105Drama And Acting (Total)3