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Robotics Technician, Certificate of Achievement

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Control Number: 41397

Not Financial Aid Eligible

Working with robots requires a specialized skill set. Students earning this certificate will be proficient in soldering, crimping, and mechanical assembly. Students will gain a working knowledge of control theory, become familiar with a wide range of sensors, and be able to write basic autonomous robot programs in C. Students will also be proficient in using electrical theory to calculate load and power requirements. This certificate is designed to provide the student with the electrical and systems knowledge required to successfully work on robotic systems at the technician level. 

Program Outcomes

  1. Demonstrable ability to work with servos, motors, and stepper motors to power motion systems. 
  2. Acquire familiarity with a variety of sensors and how to integrate them into a functional robot.
  3. Students will be able to use Ohm’s Law and fundamental electrical math to analyze circuits.
  4. Students will be able to program robots to conduct autonomous tasks using basic control theory. 

Review Graduation Requirements.

Course Title Units
Required Courses
ELEC A100Electronic Problem Solving3-4
or MATH A115 College Algebra
or MATH A120 Trigonometry
ELEC A111D.C. Circuits3
ELEC A121Robotics 1- Mechanics & Design3
ELEC A122Robotics 2- Sensors, Control Theory, and Programming3
Total Units12-13