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Food and Beverage Management, Advanced, Certificate of Achievement

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The Food and Beverage Management Advanced Certificate of Achievement at Orange Coast College is designed to prepare students for managerial employment within the food and beverage industry. Each program provides learning opportunities, which introduce, develop, and reinforce occupational knowledge, skills, and attitudes required.

The Food and Beverage Management Department offers a varied curriculum focusing on food and beverage management, dining room service, bar management, sustainable food systems, food recovery, and catering.

Classroom studies are reinforced with practical experience in the Captain's Table Restaurant, Organic Waste Management through composting, and the Food Repurposing Kitchen.

Program Outcome

Prepare students for managerial employment within the food & beverage industry.

Review Graduation Requirements.

 Required Prerequisites

Food and Beverage Management Certificate of Achievement (20.5 Units)

Course Title Units
Recommended Preparation
Introduction To College
Required Courses
FBM A100Introduction to the Food and Service Industry3
FBM A102Sanitation and Safety2
FBM A115Fundamentals of Food Production3
FBM A190Buffet and Catering Service1.5
FBM A220Food and Beverage Cost Control4
FBM A195Dining Room Service2
FBM A215Quantity Food Production Management2
FBM A270Sustainable Food Systems3
Total Units20.5

Required Courses

Course Title Units
FN A140Introduction to Nutrition Concepts2-3
or FN A170 Nutrition
FBM A221Menu Planning and Purchasing3
FBM A140Bar Management and Profitability1.5
FBM A145Introduction to Wines2
FBM A175Food Law and Policy2
FBM A222Management, Leadership, and Training3
FBM A280Directed Practice for Food and Beverage Management 12
FBM A147Distilled Spirits and Introduction to Mixology2.5-3
or FBM A146 Introduction to Fermented Beverages
Total Units18-19.5

Total Certificate Units 38.5-40

Program Sequence

These sequences at Orange Coast College are general course curriculum maps for students to finish all major and general education requirements for two-year completion of degrees, and/or fulfillment of transfer requirements. The course sequence may include course prerequisites and other placement requirements. Students are advised to meet with an Orange Coast College Counselor to review course selections and sequences to ensure that completion of this program will meet a student's transfer and career goals.

Recommended Preparation:
COUN A100 Introduction To College

Plan of Study Grid
Year 1
Semester 1Units
FBM A100 Introduction to the Food and Service Industry 3
FBM A102 Sanitation and Safety 2
FBM A115 Fundamentals of Food Production 1 3
FBM A190 Buffet and Catering Service 1.5
Semester 2
FBM A220 Food and Beverage Cost Control 4
FBM A195 Dining Room Service 2
FBM A215 Quantity Food Production Management 2
FBM A270 Sustainable Food Systems 3
Year 2
Semester 1
FN A140
Introduction to Nutrition Concepts 2
or Nutrition
FBM A221 Menu Planning and Purchasing 3
FBM A145 Introduction to Wines 2
FBM A140 Bar Management and Profitability 1.5
Semester 2
FBM A175 Food Law and Policy 2
FBM A280 Directed Practice for Food and Beverage Management 1 2
FBM A222 Management, Leadership, and Training 3
FBM A146
Introduction to Fermented Beverages
or Distilled Spirits and Introduction to Mixology
 Total Units38.5-40

FBM A115 Offered in the Fall semester only.


Prerequisite for this Certificate is Food and Beverage Management, Certificate of Achievement