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Speech-Language Pathology Assistant, Associate in Science Degree

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The Speech-Language Pathology Assistant program will provide the community with professionally trained personnel to assist the speech pathologist in this specialized field and to provide services in multiple settings to a diverse population in the administration of therapeutic and screening services. Employment opportunities include jobs as speech-language pathology assistants in educational institutes, hospitals, private offices, and rehabilitation centers. State of California Department of Consumer Affairs, Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology Board approved for licensure.

Program Admission

  1. Allied Health A010 course – application and orientation.
  2. The student must complete the general education requirements for Mathematics and English composition for the Associate in Science Degree and the program prerequisites prior to acceptance to the program.

Program Outcome

Graduates of the program will be competent Speech-Language Pathology Assistants meeting the employment needs of the community and participating in professional growth activities.

Review Graduation Requirements and General Education

Required Prerequisites

Course Title Units
ALH A010Health Occupations0.5
BIOL A221Anatomy-Physiology 14
CDE A180Child, Growth and Development 13
Total Units7.5

Required Courses 

Course Title Units
ALH A111Medical Terminology3
ALH A115Patient Care2
ALH A120Human Diseases2
ANTH A190Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology 13
CDE A155Principles and Practices of Teaching Young Children3
CDE A156Early Childhood Lab: Interactions with Young Children2
CDE A165Observing and Recording Child Behavior3
CDE A210Introduction to the Exceptional Child3
SLPA A100Introduction to Speech-Language Pathology Assisstant2
SLPA A115Speech, Language, and Hearing Development3
SLPA A120Speech-Language Administrative Procedures2
SLPA A140Introduction to Communication Disorders3
SLPA A150Introduction to Phonetics3.5
SLPA A180Screening and Therapeutic Processes3
SLPA A190SLPA Clinical Experience 14.5
SLPA A200Adult and Geriatric Disorders2
SLPA A250SLPA Clinical Experience 25.5
Total Units49.5
Requirement Units
Program Major Units 54.5
AS General Education Option 1, 2, or 3 Varies
Total Minimum Degree Units 63.5

ANTH A190 Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology, BIOL A221 Anatomy-Physiology, and CDE A180 Child, Growth and Development and in program double count towards General Education Breadth.

Program Sequence

These sequences at Orange Coast College are general course curriculum maps for students to finish all major and general education requirements for two-year completion of degrees, and/or fulfillment of transfer requirements. The course sequence may include course prerequisites and other placement requirements. Students are advised to meet with an Orange Coast College Counselor to review course selections and sequences to ensure that completion of this program will meet a student's transfer and career goals.

Plan of Study Grid
Year 1
Semester 1Units
ALH A010 Health Occupations 0.5
BIOL A221 Anatomy-Physiology 4
CDE A180 Child, Growth and Development 3
Semester 2
Select one of the following or satisfy Math competency (completion of High School Algebra 2 with a "C" or better): 3-4
Intermediate Algebra (or higher) 2
or Combined Elementary and Intermediate Algebra
Year 2
Semester 1
Acceptance into the OCC Speech Language Pathology Assistant Program Required (Cohort Restriction)  
ALH A111 Medical Terminology 3
ALH A115 Patient Care 2
SLPA A100 Introduction to Speech-Language Pathology Assisstant 2
SLPA A115 Speech, Language, and Hearing Development 3
SLPA A120 Speech-Language Administrative Procedures 2
Semester 2
ANTH A190 Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology 3
SLPA A140 Introduction to Communication Disorders 3
SLPA A150 Introduction to Phonetics 3.5
CDE A155 Principles and Practices of Teaching Young Children 3
Year 3
Semester 1
CDE A156 Early Childhood Lab: Interactions with Young Children 2
CDE A165 Observing and Recording Child Behavior 3
SLPA A180 Screening and Therapeutic Processes 3
SLPA A190 SLPA Clinical Experience 1 4.5
Semester 2
ALH A120 Human Diseases 2
SLPA A200 Adult and Geriatric Disorders 2
SLPA A250 SLPA Clinical Experience 2 5.5
CDE A210 Introduction to the Exceptional Child 3
 Total Units69-71

OCC AS GE AREA A2 - Required if 100-level MATH will not taken to meet Math competency.


Highly recommended for Allied Health programs, some state licenses will require Algebra 2 or higher-level math to be completed at the college level. If MATH 100+ level or above (any math, except MATH A220) is taken, then it also meets OCC AS GE AREA A2