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Liberal Arts: Emphasis in Mathematics, Associate in Arts Degree

Banner Code: 2_AA_LAMA

Control Number: 19437

Financial Aid Eligible

This program is designed for students who desire a broad knowledge of liberal arts and sciences, plus additional course work in an “Area of Emphasis.” This program would be an ideal choice for students planning on transferring to the California State University (CSU) or University of California (UC), as the student may satisfy their general education requirements plus focus on transferable course work relating to baccalaureate majors at these institutions. Because admission and major preparation requirements vary at each transfer institution, courses used to fulfill requirements for an emphasis should be selected with the assistance of GWC Counselor.

Program Level Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, students will be able to:

  1. Solve linear and non-linear equations in the real and complex number system.
  2. Calculate probabilities of independent and mutually exclusive events and conditional probability using appropriate formulas and theorems.
  3. Compute derivatives of basic functions and the derivatives of their sums, differences, products, quotients, and compositions.
  4. Solve right-angle and oblique triangles and use appropriate laws to solve applied problems.
  5. Perform matrix operations, evaluate determinants, and solve systems of linear equations using appropriate computational techniques.
  6. Solve first-order differential equations.

Review Graduation Requirements and General Education.

Course Title Units
Select at least 18 units of the following: 118
CS G262Discrete Structures3
ECON G105Consumer and Financial Math3
ECON G115Game Theory3
MATH G100Liberal Arts Mathematics3
MATH G103Statistics For Elementary Teachers3
MATH G104Mathematics For Elementary Teachers3
MATH G115College Algebra4-6
or MATH G115S College Algebra with Support
MATH G120Trigonometry3
MATH G140Business Calculus4-6
or MATH G140S Business Calculus with Support
MATH G160Introduction To Statistics3-6
or MATH G160S Introduction to Statistics with Support
or ECON G160 Statistics for Business and Economics
or PSYC G140 Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences
or SOC G125 Introduction to Statistics in Sociology
MATH G170Precalculus4
MATH G180Calculus 14
MATH G185Calculus 24
MATH G280Calculus 34
MATH G285Introduction to Linear Algebra and Differential Equations5
One science class from the list identified for the Science Area of Emphasis
Major Total27
GE Pattern (Local, CSU GE-Breadth, or IGETC)18-39
Total Hours18

Selections must include one math course at the level of MATH G180 or above. Students should check with a counselor to see which courses will transfer to their target university.