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Support for Calculus, Certificate of Competency

This noncredit program will provide the necessary support for students currently enrolled in MATH G180 Calculus 1: Calculus 1 and MATH G185 Calculus 2 Calculus 2. Each noncredit corequisite course will aid in student's continual improvement of mathematical skills necessary to succeed in each, respective, calculus course. By completing this certificate, students will be better equipped to complete their chosen program pathway. 

Program Level Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, students will be able to:

  1. Solve conditional equations using algebraic and/or trigonometric properties.
  2. State and interpret the definition of derivatives and compute the derivatives of the library of functions.
  3. State and interpret the definition of integrals and calculate definite and indefinite integrals involving the library of functions. 
  4. Solve application problems through calculus methods of differentiation or integration. 
Course Title Hours
Required Courses
MATH G098NSupport for Calculus 136
MATH G099NSupport for Calculus 236
Total Hours72