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ESL Preparation for Digital Learning, Certificate of Competency

Banner Code: 3_NCG_ESLDL

Control Number: 44017

Not Financial Aid Eligible

This is a beginning-level certificate program in English as a Second Language which utilizes the basic English reading, writing, speaking, and listening of students. It prepares students for further academic study in intermediate-level ESL courses by improving fundamental English language skills needed to communicate in and about a digital environment and interact with online coursework.  This program allows students to work in a hands-on environment to use technology.  Successfully completing this program will help students build the confidence they need to enroll in classes which more heavily rely on technology, hybrid classes, or online classes after achieving the necessary English proficiency. 

Program Level Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, students will be able to:

  1. Send an appropriate email to your instructor using your student email account.
  2. Log into a course learning management system and submit an assignment through the course learning management system.

This award confirms that a student has completed a noncredit program that prepares students to progress in a career path or to take degree-applicable courses.

Course Title Hours
Required Core
Complete the following:
ESL C016NBasic Computer Terminology and Skills18
ESL C026NComputer Terminology and Applications18
Total Hours36