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English as a Second Language Intermediate to Advanced Oral/Aural Skills, Certificate of Completion

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Control Number: 40124

Not Financial Aid Eligible

This is a noncredit certificate program in English as a Second Language designed to prepare high-intermediate to advanced-level students for employment, career training courses, and further academic study. The certificate program focuses on speaking and listening skills, American English idioms and contemporary expressions, and pronunciation.  After completing the certificate, students may go on to credit ESL or general education classes, entry-level employment, or career training courses.

Program Level Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this program students will be able to:

  1. Take notes while listening to lectures, dialogues, and narratives.
  2. Develop proficiency in pronouncing phonemes and using correct English language stress, pitch, and intonation patterns.
  3. Recognize and use the most common English idioms and expressions appropriately.
  4. Participate in discussions by asking and answering appropriate questions.

This award confirms that a student has completed a noncredit program that prepares students to progress in a career path or to take degree-applicable courses.

Course Title Hours
Required Core
Complete the following:
ESL C083NSpeaking and Listening Skills-High Intermediate to Advanced36-108
ESL C084NEnglish Idioms and Contemporary Expressions-High Intermediate to Advanced36
ESL C085NPronunciation Skills - Intermediate to Advanced36
Optional Course
ESL C081NGrammar and Sentence Structure-High Intermediate to Advanced72
Total Hours108-252